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35 Miler Around The Corner!

Who doesn’t enjoy a good 35 mile run somewhere in the Georgia mountains? It’s that time of year again, time to run the ultras!  I can’t wait. In fact I couldn’t wait, so I’ve entered a 35 mile trail race in Georgia! The picture to the left is part of that race from what I …

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Mountain Mist 50k Trail Run 2015

Over the weekend I decided to run what is claimed to be the premier ultra trail run in the Southeast.  31 plus miles would need to be covered to reach the finish line racing on Monte Sano in Huntsville AL. Here’s the way I saw it. To set the story up it will help to …

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Ultra Experiment

How did I get into this? A few years ago I decided to give running a try.  Why?  I’m not sure.  I’m was in relatively good  shape, working out weekly at a nearby gym. One  day I decided that I haven’t given running a try so I  thought I’d add it to the long list …

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