Custom Guitars Found While Hiking in the Inner City! Incredible Find!

Click here and see the short film I made about Custom Guitars I found while Urban Hiking in Montgomery, Alabama.

Today’s adventure is all about custom guitars that I found while Urban Hiking in the inner city of Montgomery, Alabama.

While Urban Hiking I was invited into the Baruch Depot home of Custom Made Baruch Guitars made by Hank Teuton – Luthier!

These Custom Made Guitars aren’t for sale. Hank gives them mostly to charity auctions and I’m sure might make one for a friend.

Both Hank and his wife Brenda literally invited me off the street as I was documenting the inner city of Montgomery, Alabama on the waterfront.

Short Film about Nothing – Who will risk watching ABSOLUTELY NOTHING?

Click here and enjoy my latest short film about absolutely nothing! Has a great sound track that will make you happy!

I try to post a new YouTube short film video every week. This week I had absolutely nothing lined up… But I still wanted to create a short film…

Solution? A short film about absolutely nothing with a cool audio track!

Some of the “Nothing” in this short film will include: horses, barns, beautiful countryside, cool school bus, old houses, and country stores!

In search of an Historic Church founded in 1891. Inner City Birmingham!

Click here and join me as I search for an historic 1891 church in inner city Birmingham!

Today’s micro adventure takes me to the inner city of Birmingham in search of an historic church founded in 1891.

The church is Birmingham First Untied Methodist and it was founded in 1891 and still holds services to this very day.

Here’s the history as told on their website:

Reflections of its past can be seen at every turn — in the name chiseled over its doors, in the coal dust that darkened its stone, in the layers of paint on its walls, in the modifications to its structure to accommodate a changing congregation — even in the nature of its services over the years.

Originally known as the First Methodist Episcopal Church South, the church first met in Janury 1872 in the Bryant House storefront located on 1st Ave and 21st St. N.

Before the end of June that same year, the congregation constructed a small frame structure on a lot provided for a token $5 by the Elyton Land Company. Before 1883 the original frame structure was replaced with a larger, brick-clad sanctuary two blocks south. The building featured tall lancet windows and a bell tower with a steeple roof over the eastern entrance.

In 1891 the Sanctuary, which is still in use today, was constructed by George Kramer of the Ohio firm “Weary and Kramer” known for church design. It is built in the American Romanesque Revival architectural style and is covered in Ohio brownstone. In celebration a marble baptismal font by Tiffany & Company of New York was purchased for the building.

In 1921, the church began to expand—first to include an Administration Building, then in 1950 to include the Office and Chapel building, and eventually the Education Building in 1964. The Sanctuary underwent a major renovation in 1972, which included cutting a new entrance into the rear of the original Sanctuary building. In 2014, the Sanctuary underwent a second major renovation that restored the interior to its original 1891 coloring and detail. The church was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1982.

Chill Ride on the Tennessee with Nothing to Lose – Latest Short Film!

Click here to watch my latest adventure short film as I ride down the Tennessee.

In my latest Short Film adventure I take a chill ride on the Tennessee River.

In this adventure I’ll show you barge traffic and river industry and so much more just outside of the Port of Decatur.

It’s just a lazy day on the Tennessee River with nothing to lose!

Hope you enjoy my latest short film – Chill Ride on the Tennessee with Nothing to Lose – Latest Short Film!

Bessemer at Sunset SAFE? YES, even if one of Bama’s TOP 10 MOST DANGEROUS!

Click here to watch my latest adventure as I go urban hiking in Bessemer, Alabama at Sunset. Is it safe?

Today’s adventure takes us Urban Hiking into Bessemer, Alabama at Sunset.

I love the city of Bessemer. It can get a bad rap of being one of Alabama’s most dangerous cities but I’ve never felt in danger whatsoever! Love the people and the city!

Today’s micro adventure takes me to the city at Sunset to see what things are like. It was gorgeous Urban Hike at Sunset but hot as fire. Again, I always feel safe in Bessemer even at sunset… Your mileage may vary!

A little more about urban hiking in Bessemer, Alabama, known as the Marvel City. According to Bessemer, Alabama is one of Alabama’s most dangerous cities!

Childhood Inspiration – Sunset Ride in the Country! Donkey’s Included!

Click here and watch my latest short film inspired by my childhood – Just a Sunset Ride.

Today’s adventure was inspired by childhood rides in the country on late afternoons.

Growing up I would find myself in the back of the family car just driving in the country. Easy adventure and great family time.

Hopefully this adventure will motivate and inspire you to take a small adventure, ones that I call Micro Adventures, and just enjoy a mini vacation weekly.

Country Rife Adventure!

On YouTube these adventures are known as Rurex or Rural Exploration!

Why YouTube at 61 and How Much Do I Make With a SMALL Channel?

Click here to see why I create YouTube videos at 61 years old and how much I make off my small channel!

Why I’m a YouTube Creator at 61 Years Old is the topic of conversation today.

As an added bonus I’ll tell you how much I make from YouTube with my SMALL YouTube Channel.

My YouTube channel began in March of 2020 as a Micro Adventure Channel called allthingstonyj.

I’m a one man show when creating my YouTube videos – even at 61 years old! I typically take a short adventure weekly to create my micro adventure videos.

Creating YouTube videos had been a great hobby of mine for several years now and I’d highly recommend it.

With the YouTube videos I create I hope to inspire and motivate others to get out and take that cheap half day micro adventure as often as possible!

YouTube creators are awesome!

BOOM! Small Town – Big Show Feel! – West Blocton Car Show!

Click here and join me on my latest adventure to the West Blocton Car Show!

The West Blocton Car Show made for a great family friendly adventure.

This car show while small due to weather had all you could ask for in a car show! Rat Rods, Classics and some super old stuff you don’t normally see – a Packard!

This is the third West Blocton Car show and is located in central Alabama not far from Birmingham, Alabama.

Puppies of Pepper Place Farmers Market! Where Puppies are the Stars!!

Click here to see my latest adventure to make a short film of the awesome puppies of the Pepper Place Farmers Market!

In today adventure I find myself at the Pepper Place Farmers Market in Birmingham, Alabama.

While I’ve made a short film of the Pepper Place Farmers Market before, this time the dogs are the stars!

The Pepper Place Farmers Market is open January thru December rain or shine.

While The Pepper Place Farmers Market in Birmingham, Alabama’s website notes to leave your pets at home – apparently no one has read that!

Indy Car Race PIT LIFE – Children’s of Alabama Indy Grand Prix Pt2

Click here to see my latest short film where I spend time in the pits of a major Indycar Race!

In this micro adventure I have all track access to the Children’s of Alabama Indy Grand Prix at Barber Motorsports Park in Birmingham, Alabama!

I had all track access including the pits. It was incredible to be at the Children’s of Alabama Indy Grand Prix at Barber Motorsports Park in Birmingham, Alabama!

Ever wonder what the pit life is about at an Indycar Race? I did, so I found out!