Superbikes at Barber Motorsports (2020) Ep-2 – Life in the pits!

More Superbikes from the MotoAmerica Honos Superbke races held at Barber Motorsports park in beautiful Birmingham, Alabama.

I went on this one day micro adventure to see what the pits were like at a major Superbike race. It did not disappoint! MotoAmerica put on a fantastic race and I was really surprised at how close they allow you to the action.

While I was there I made a short film about it – click here and see what I’m talking about, it won’t disappoint!

Superbikes at Barber Motorsports (2020)

In this one day micro adventure I travel to Barber Motorsports park for the MotoAmerica Honos Superbike race.

It’s one thing to see a motorcycle go 180 mph on TV but it’s entirely different in person!

The most incredible part of Barber is how much access they allow in the pits!

So in this one day micro adventure I specifically went to see what the pit area looks like at a major superbike race in America.

I did get get told that I couldn’t video inside one of the major team’s trailer! Don’t know if you don’t ask!

So click here and join me as I explore the pits at the MotoAmerica Honos Superbike race at Barber Motorsports Park in Birmingham, Alabama.

Urban Hiking Ep-6 Ellijay, Georgia

Join me on another Urban Hiking Micro Adventure in the beautiful quaint town of Ellijay, Georgia!

Ellijay is located in north Georgia and is known for its apple festivals, restaurants and outdoor activities.

So lace up your virtual boots and click here to go Urban Hiking in Ellijay, Georgia

Urban Hiking Ep-5 – Florence, Alabama

In this Micro Adventure I go urban hiking in the dog and bike friendly city of Florence, Alabama.

Florence is a college town home to the University of North Alabama.

I once lived in Florence and it continues to be one of the best towns for restaurants that I’ve ever lived in. One of note is Ricatoni’s Italian Grill.

Just click here if you’d like to join me for an Urban Hike in beautiful Florence, Alabama!

Urban Hiking Ep-4 – Huntsville, Alabama

In this “all things tony j” Micro Adventure I travel to the beautifully renovated Downtown Huntsville.

A lot has been done to make this downtown area a super awesome place. If you haven’t visited this city it really is a great southern city.

There is a lot of outside seating for most of the restaurants. The restaurants range from high end cuisine to delicious pizza. There is also a wonderful downtown pond in the middle of an awesome park.

Why don’t you lace up your boots and go urban hiking in downtown Huntsville by clicking here.

Urban Hiking Ep-3 – Tuscumbia, Alabama

It was another beautiful sunny morning when I decided to go for another Urban Hike!

This micro adventure would take me to the home of Helen Keller, Tuscumbia, Alabama.

Another awesome southern town with a character all it’s own.

Click here if you’d like to go on an urban hike with me in Tuscumbia, Alabama and see the birthplace of Helen Keller!

Urban Hiking Ep-2 – Decatur, Alabama

In this micro adventure I travel to the beautiful city of Decatur, Alabama, for a day of Urban Hiking.

Decatur’s downtown has been experiencing a resurgence of activity and growth. It’s always super clean, safe and just a cool place to hang out.

So click here and enjoy an Urban Hiking micro adventure in Decatur, Alabama – a southern city with southern charm.

Urban Hiking Ep-1 – Athens, Alabama

Urban Hiking isn’t new. It’s been around for a while. But the odds are it’s new to you. Urban Hiking is a micro adventure where you explore your town or city on foot.

I recently did an urban hike around Athens, Alabama, an awesome Southern city with that Southern charm. From the business district to the homes this city is an awesome hike.

I even made a video of this micro adventure on my YouTube Channel, allthingstonyj. Just click here to go on this awesome urban hike with me!

Just Add Water Ep-3

In Ep-3 of Just Add Water we take another micro adventure on the Tennessee river, looking at the mysterious structures on the waterfront

So, if you’re interested, climb on board by clicking here!

Just Add Water Ep-2

In this micro adventure I actually find the 312 foot ship!

Here is what ULA has to about their rocketship…

The R/S Rocketship, as it’s now called, is a 312-foot vessel designed specially to transport boosters and other large rocket components from Decatur to launch sites 8,000 miles away in California and nearly 1,700 miles distant in Florida.

Don’t have access to a boat? Most state parks have boats that you can rent. From pontoons, kayaks, paddle boats, to fishing boats. Create your own micro adventure by just adding water!

If you’re interested in seeing this micro adventure, then click here!