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How to Overcome Conflict – Part One

Conflict! That’s something that we would like to avoid as much as possible – right? Well maybe. You see a lot can be gained through conflict. It can either put change in your leadership pocket or leave you with a deficit. Worst case, it can leave you bankrupt! How you choose to handle it will …

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So What Happened the Year I was Born?

For no good reason today I decided to see what all transpired the year I was born. For starters it was a Tuesday in 1962 when I was brought into this world. The month would have been October. And a lot of things happened that year that I was oblivious to at less than a …

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5 Habits of Happy People

While not all inclusive… Let’s get to it… These come to you from with an occasional comment of my own.. Make good friends. No brainer right? Wrong! We all know people who drag us down yet we still hang out with them. Don’t be rude, but pick your friends wisely or they’ll drag you …

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Rockstar Man Gifts!

Looking for those man gifts that will leave you looking like a Rockstar? Here is my list of 5 that will do just that. #4 will be controversial, trust me most men will love you forever or it! 5 Rockstar Man Gifts Big Green Egg or equivalent. Weber Kettle Grill – in a man’s world …

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Parents – Hard Thing Rule

I was recently reading a book by Angela Duckworth that had an interesting concept called the Hard Thing Rule. Before I get to that, here is Duckworth’s bio: Angela Lee Duckworth is an American academic, psychologist and popular science author. She is the Christopher H. Browne Distinguished Professor of Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania, …

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10 Things Men Want From Their Wives

Most know that men and women are wired differently! It’s unfair to hope the other will just guess what you’re thinking or wanting. So, in this post I thought I’d take the guesswork out of things when it comes to what your man may be thinking and wanting from you but is not telling you. …

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10 Ways to a Happier Family

Family is extremely important! Many worth while things in life require work to keep it healthy and happy – family is no different. Unfortunately too many take their family for granted. Secondly, some of the things we do as families may not be the best for creating strong and healthy families. I recently read an …

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WordPress Menu Tabs

Tried adding tabs to your Graphene themed WordPress site lately? While I was able to create tabs when I originally created allthingstonyj but years later I drew a blank. Then I found this video and thought it might help you too – in case you forgot… Just click here and your troubles are over.

Podcast Coming Soon…

The allthingstonyj podcast will be coming soon!

12 Habits for a Healthier Marriage

While we may not want to admit it but marriage is work. If you want a healthy marriage. You need to be continually working on your relationship to make it better. Otherwise you may begin to take one another for granted. Something that I have found to work to help keep my marriage healthy is …

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