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Short Film about Nothing – Who will risk watching ABSOLUTELY NOTHING?

Click here and enjoy my latest short film about absolutely nothing! Has a great sound track that will make you happy! I try to post a new YouTube short film video every week. This week I had absolutely nothing lined up… But I still wanted to create a short film… Solution? A short film about …

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Why YouTube at 61 and How Much Do I Make With a SMALL Channel?

Click here to see why I create YouTube videos at 61 years old and how much I make off my small channel! Why I’m a YouTube Creator at 61 Years Old is the topic of conversation today. As an added bonus I’ll tell you how much I make from YouTube with my SMALL YouTube Channel. …

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Timeless Cars of Tannehill!

Click here for my latest Short Film – Timeless Cars of Tannehill! It’s car show season again in the south. So today I explore the Tannehill Memorial Car show at Tannehill State Park in McCalla, Alabama. This Tannehill car show is of the classic car variety and was well attended. Chevy’s, Plymouth’s, Ford’s, Corvette’s and …

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