Why YouTube at 61 and How Much Do I Make With a SMALL Channel?

Click here to see why I create YouTube videos at 61 years old and how much I make off my small channel!

Why I’m a YouTube Creator at 61 Years Old is the topic of conversation today.

As an added bonus I’ll tell you how much I make from YouTube with my SMALL YouTube Channel.

My YouTube channel began in March of 2020 as a Micro Adventure Channel called allthingstonyj.

I’m a one man show when creating my YouTube videos – even at 61 years old! I typically take a short adventure weekly to create my micro adventure videos.

Creating YouTube videos had been a great hobby of mine for several years now and I’d highly recommend it.

With the YouTube videos I create I hope to inspire and motivate others to get out and take that cheap half day micro adventure as often as possible!

YouTube creators are awesome!