Timeless Cars of Tannehill!

Click here for my latest Short Film – Timeless Cars of Tannehill!

It’s car show season again in the south. So today I explore the Tannehill Memorial Car show at Tannehill State Park in McCalla, Alabama.

This Tannehill car show is of the classic car variety and was well attended. Chevy’s, Plymouth’s, Ford’s, Corvette’s and so much more!

Today’s micro-adventure was on an incredibly beautiful day.

I love these events as a micro adventure for families as they are family friendly and typically free. What more could you ask for!

So I hope this will motivate and inspire you to get outside and take your own micro adventure this weekend.

So I hope you enjoy the Timeless Cars of Tannehill memorial car show!

Music Credits:

Epidemic Sound
Break Your Chain

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