Seaside, Florida – Live Up to the HYPE? You Decide!

Click here and join me on another epic adventure as I explore beautiful Seaside, Florida at Sunset!

In today’s adventure – “Seaside at Sunset – Dogs, Cool Vibes, Sunset and Some Crazy Antics!”, I travel to beautiful Seaside, Florida to video this wonderful place at Sunset!

While at Seaside, Florida, I run into another YouTube channel and play trivia and actually win some money.

Here is the History of Seaside, Florida, as noted on

In 1946, on one of the family’s summer pilgrimages to the shore, Robert Davis’ grandfather, J.S. Smolian, bought 80 acres near Seagrove Beach on Florida’s northwest coast. His intention was to build a summer camp for his employees, but his business partner wanted no part of what must have seemed like a worthless tract of sand. The Smolian family continued coming to that same shore every summer, and occasionally J.S. would take young Robert to the fields at the western edge of Seagrove Beach and walk around the tract.

Robert Davis grew up to be a student of history as well as business, and became an award-winning builder/developer in Miami in the 1970s. When he considered making plans for the property near Seagrove, he naturally thought about idyllic family vacations along the same coast and the small cottages the family had stayed in. If he closed his eyes and let his mind wander back, he could almost feel gentle sea breezes evaporating the moisture on his skin as he sat on a porch rocker after a shower at the end of a day on the beach, absorbed in stories being told by grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.

The idea of Seaside started with the notion of reviving Northwest Florida’s building tradition, which had produced wood-frame cottages so well adapted to the climate that they enhanced the sensual pleasure of life by the sea. Cottages accommodated generations of family members, and kids got to sleep on the porch. These cottages had deep roof overhangs, ample windows, and cross ventilation in all rooms. They were built of wood and other time-tested materials and with reasonable maintenance, could last several generations.

The rest of the story of Seaside, Florida can be found at:

Hope you enjoy Seaside at Sunset – Dogs, Cool Vibes, Sunset and Some Crazy Antics!

How Much Can You Do in Destin, Florida in ONE DAY? I found out!

Click here to see how much I do in Destin, Florida in just one day! – You won’t believe it!

Destin Florida! Beautiful Destin – so much to do!

I decided to go leave Birmingham to go to Destin, Florida to see how much I could do in one day and I found out!

Here’s the skinny of what we accomplished in one day in Destin, Florida:

  1. Miramar Beach
  2. Pompano Joe’s for Coconut shrimp
  3. Holiday Isle
  4. Norriega Point
  5. East Pass Jetty
  6. Sandestin
  7. Baytowne Wharf
  8. Roberto’s Pizzeria
  9. Moo la-la Ice Cream
  10. Seaside

See it all my latest micro adventure.

According to the City of Destin website:

History of Destin
Located in the Florida Panhandle, the City of Destin has a rich historical heritage dating back to American Indian inhabitants as early as the seventh century A.D. Spanish explorers surveyed Florida in 1538. Don Francisco Tapia was commissioned to survey the Florida coast and in 1693, drew the first known map of East Pass and its shores.

Immediate History

Destin traces its immediate history to a fisherman, Captain Leonard Destin from New London, Conn., who began sailing and fishing the gulf waters around 1835 and, through series of mishaps, permanently settled in Destin in about 1850-1852. Captain Destin pioneered the fishing industry and Destin has maintained this heritage to the present.

Exploring the OLDEST Continually Occupied City in America – Childersburg, Alabama

Click here and join me as I explore the OLDEST continually occupied city in America – Childersburg, Alabama!

In my latest urban hiking adventure I explore a town that claims to be the OLDEST Continually Occupied City in America – Childersburg, Alabama.

Regardless of how old Childersburg actually is, it’s a cool little Southern town worth a visit!

If you’re interested in it’s history…

According to :

Childersburg, Alabama is proclaimed as the Oldest Continually Occupied City in America…dating to 1540. The city’s beginnings date back to Coosa, a village of the Coosa Indian Nation that was located in the area. Hernando DeSoto, Governor of Cuba and Adelantado of Florida, accompanied by an army of six hundred men, began his march across the Southeastern section of North America in June, 1539. Traveling from Espiritu Santo, known now as Tampa Bay on the west coast of Florida, northward through Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, and then into Alabama, his men began their desperate search for gold and other riches unequal to any of those found by others in this new wild land of North America. DeSoto’s expedition was in what would become the State of Alabama, having discovered it “not by sea, but after dangerous and difficult marches.” Following seven days of slowly marching down the bank of the Tennessee River, DeSoto entered the town of Coste on July 2, 1540. From Coste the expedition proceeded to Tali also located on the Tennessee River and then to the banks of the Coosa River. The middle of July saw DeSoto and his expedition reach the mighty empire of the great Coosa. On July 16, 1540, the vast army of Spaniards arrived at the town of Coca Coosa, located on the east bank of the river between the mouths of two creeks, now known as Talladega and Tallaseehatchee. The twenty-six year old Chief of the Coosas came out to receive DeSoto…”bourne in a litter on the shoulders of his principal men…surrounded by many attendants playing flutes and singing.” For approximately a month, these travel weary invaders enjoyed the hospitality of the youthful chief and his tribe, even receiving an offer of a region of land to establish a Spanish colony. After offering many reasons for not accepting, DeSoto and his men left the Coosa in August of 1540.

The report of the DeSoto Commission, U. S. Congress, House, Final Report of the United States DeSoto Expedition Commission, 76 Congress, 1st Session, 1939, House Executive Document Number 71 which was chaired by John R. Swanton offers telling evidence of DeSoto’s route through Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Alabama. Swanton and other members of the commission stated irrevocably that the site of Coca was noted to be the area in proximity to the present town of Childersburg, Alabama. Dr. Walter B. Jones, Secretary of the DeSoto Commission and noted Alabama geologist, has written many articles in support of the commission’s conclusion.

Over a period of approximately two hundred fifty years, explorers, conquistadors, traders, and pioneer settlers penetrated the vicinity of what today is known as Childersburg, Alabama. This area, so rich in Indian lore and artifacts, abounding in culture and traditions, and substantiated by much written documentation, can support its claim to being the “oldest continuously occupied town in the United States.

Compiled by Judy M. McSween

Monastery, Monks and BBQ! Exploring a St. Benedictine Monastery!

Click here and join me on another Micro-Adventure as I explore a St. Benedictine Monastery, Monks and BBQ!

In today’s adventure I find myself at the St. Bernard Monastery in Cullman, Alabama for Bernard Blues and BBQ competition!

Calling this one – Monastery, Monks and BBQ! Exploring a St. Benedictine Monastery!

From the Monastery website:

Monastery:an OVERVIEW

What is an abbey or monastery, and why would a person join one? First of all, a monastery of men is a group of monks who share life together with one binding purpose: union with God. An abbey is simply a monastery under the leadership of an abbot.St. Bernard Abbey in Cullman, Alabama, is such a place. The 30 men who make up the monastery community share life in common, and that includes prayer, work, housing, property, meals, recreation, and more. In coming together to seek God they, like all Christians, are merely responding to the love of God who, after all, loved them first (I John 4:19). The monks of St. Bernard Abbey are Benedictine monks, meaning they live according to the Rule of St. Benedict, written c. 530 A.D. To learn more about St. Benedict and his Rule, see our FAQs.At St. Bernard Abbey the monks come together in the abbey church at least five times a day for worship in common. Their life of prayer and work also includes a great deal of private prayer, meditation, spiritual reading, and of course a variety of labors, such as care of its more than 800 acres of property, operating a college Preparatory school, running a retreat center, and supplying in parishes in the Diocese of Birmingham. The monastery also owns and operates the Ave Maria Grotto, located on the grounds.

The event I attended was the:

Bernard Blues & BBQThe 7th Annual Bernard Blues and BBQ is set for September 9th and 10th, 2023 on the grounds of St. Bernard Abbey and Prep School!

The event features some of the best artisans in the Southeast with their work including: pottery, wreaths, door hangers, flowers, wood turned bowls, clothing, birdhouses, honey, jewelry, soap, brooms, metal art, glass art, freshly ground cornmeal and grits, and much, much more. While shopping, enjoy live music and the best pulled pork in the Southeast as well as ribs, hamburgers, brats, and chicken.

Volksjam 2023 – It’ll Make You Smile!

Click here and join me on another adventure as I explore Volksjam 2023, Alabama’s Premier Vintage VW Show!

Join me on my latest adventure that I’m calling Volksjam 2023 – It’ll Make You Smile!

Volksjam 2023 was held at Tannehill State park once again this year and it didn’t disappoint!

Vintage Volkswagens were in abundance from Bus’s to Bugs to Rails to Dunes! There really was something for everyone!

This year was hotter than most but there were a lot of contestants.

As noted:

We’re doing it once again, the premier Volkswagen show in Alabama, held at beautiful and historic Tannehill State Park in McCalla, Alabama.

This event is open to Volkswagens and Audis of all years, types and conditions. So if you have a 1947 Beetle or a GTI that just rolled off of the showroom floor (or anything in between), come out with us for the day on August 26th.

Volksjam 2023 certainly over delivered as Alabama’s Premier VW car show!

Volksjam 2023 – It’ll Make You Smile!

Town Founded in 1870 – Bank Robberies, Fallout Shelter and More! Hartselle, Alabama!

Click here and join me as I explore a town founded in 1870 know for a bank robbery and a Fallout Shelter!

Today I go Urban Exploring in a town founded in 1870 with a rich history! The Town is Hartselle, Alabama, known for the Big Bank Robbery and Freight House Restaurant.

According to Wikipedia – Hartselle was founded in 1869 with the arrival of the South and North Alabama Railroad. It takes its name from George Hartselle, one of the railroad’s owners. The post office opened in 1873. It was formally incorporated on March 1, 1875.

Hartselle, Alabama has an incredible downtown area that is awesome!

So I hope you enjoy my latest adventure – Town Founded in 1870 – Bank Robberies, Fallout Shelter and More! Hartselle, Alabama!

What? 1864 Grist Mill and Covered Bridge with an Interesting History!

Click here and join me on another adventure as I explore the 1864 Kymulga Grist Mill and Covered Bridge!

In this adventure I visit the 1864 Kymulga Grist Mill and Covered Bridge with an interesting history!

The 1864 Kymulga Grist Mill and Covered Bridge is found in Childersburg, Alabama.

The day I visited the 1864 Kymulga Grist Mill and Covered Bridge I was the only one in the park and was treated like king!

The interesting history of the 1864 Kymulga Grist Mill and Covered Bridge are told in the video!

Exploring City Founded in 1887 – Surprising History and Southern homes!

Click here as I go Exploring City Founded in 1887 – Surprising History!

In today’s micro-adventure we explore Sylacauga, Alabama founded in 1887.

Researching the history of Sylacauga, Alabama revealed some interesting facts – like the first documented case of something falling out of space and hitting a person!

As I explore Sylacauga, Alabama, a town with a surprising history of Marble, Ice Cream and more, you’ll see the downtown, back alleys, beautiful Southern homes and more.

So sit back and join me as we go Exploring City Founded in 1887 – Surprising History and Southern homes!

I visited the Blue Bell Ice Cream Creamery! Bout lost my mind for Ice Cream!

Click here and join me on another adventure as I visit the Blue Bell Ice Cream Creamery in Sylacauga, Alabama!

Blue Bell Ice Cream Creamery! I visited it in my latest adventure! Seriously, I visited the Blue Bell Ice Cream Creamery! Bout lost my mind for Ice Cream!

As an added bonus at the Blue Bell Ice Cream Creamery you can get a huge dish of Ice Cream for only $1.00!

One of the cool attractions are the viewing windows above the creamery floor where you can watch the Blue Bell Ice Cream actually being made. Unfortunately pictures and video are prohibited of the actual floor where they make the Blue Bell Ice Cream.

The Blue Bell Ice Cream Creamery is located in Sylacauga, Alabama.

The highlight of the trip to the Blue Bell Ice Cream Creamery was the Ice Cream Parlor! It was like a step back in time.

But not only did the Blue Bell Ice Cream Creamery have an Ice Cream Parlor, they also had a country store!

If you are ever anywhere close to the Sylacauga, Alabama, I’d highly suggest visiting the Blue Bell Ice Cream Creamery and have a massive scoop of your favorite flavor!

Heart of Dixie Railroad – WOW!

Click here and join me as I ride a train at the Heart of Dixie Railroad in Calera, Alabama!

Seriously, today I ride a train at the Heart of Dixie Railroad!

I’m calling this one Heart of Dixie Railroad – WOW!

Wasn’t sure what to expect at the Heart of Dixie Railroad but it exceeded my expectations!

Just a really well run operation and the volunteers were so friendly at the Heart of Dixie Railroad.

According to Wikipedia

The Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum is the official state railroad museum of Alabama. Dedicated to the preservation, restoration, and operation of historically significant railway equipment, the museum is located at 1919 Ninth Street, Calera, Alabama, on I-65 approximately 30 miles south of Birmingham.

According to the Heart of Dixie website:

The Heart of Dixie Railroad Club

Half a century ago a group of Birmingham area railfans organized a chapter of the National Railroad Historical Society (NRHS) called the Heart of Dixie Railroad Club. Their goal was to preserve the sights, sounds, and artifacts of railroading for future generations. Fifty years later the Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum is still carrying out that mission at its museum location in Calera, Alabama.

In November of 1962, an exciting event for railroad enthusiasts was taking place in Birmingham. The Louisville & Nashville Railroad (L&N) had restored the famed Civil War locomotive The General to operation and was touring the L&N system with the engine as a public relations tool. The General’s visit to the Magic City brought together area railfans, and the idea of forming a Birmingham chapter of the National Railroad Historical Society was born. The first meeting was held in November at the Transportation Building on 1st Avenue North with thirty members present. Over the next several months members began the work of organizing their new chapter, which would be called The Heart of Dixie Railroad Club. An application for a charter was submitted to the NRHS and officers were selected. Members quickly got to work organizing meetings and railroad-themed outings.

In addition to special events, the Club enjoyed regular monthly meetings where the members could get together to discuss chapter business and enjoy a railroad-themed presentation. Many of the early meetings were held in the Alabama Power Company’s headquarters auditorium, or in the assembly room of the Transportation Building, or at Handley Memorial Presbyterian Church, which was pastored by the father of David P. Morgan, the well-known editor of Trains Magazine. Chapter officers for the first year were Elliot Eggleston, President, Don Christie, Vice- President, and Charlie Hudson, Secretary & Treasurer.
The Original Railroad Park

The Heart of Dixie Railroad Club quickly went to work to assemble a collection of railroad equipment for preservation and display. The first item received was wooden caboose No. 5368 donated by the Seaboard Air Line Railway. The first steam locomotive was 2-8-0 No. 38, donated by the Woodward Iron Company. The Chapter had to quickly get to work securing a location to store the cars and locomotives they were to acquire. The Heart of Dixie was fortunate when the St. Louis ~ San Francisco Railway (Frisco) allowed the Club to lease for $7.50 per month an unused team track located behind the Frisco freight house at Powell Avenue and 18th Street South. You may now know this location as now “Railroad Park”. The club was able to restore several pieces of equipment in order to participate in the Southern Railway steam program. Heart of Dixie equipment was pulled behind locomotives such as SOU 4501, SOU 630, N&W 1218, N&W 611 and several other mainline steam locomotives. The main source of revenue for museum restorations were from operating steam excursions throughout Alabama.