Rural Exploration – Minor Hill, Tennessee and more abandoned stuff!

In this Rural Exploration micro-adventure I travel to the southern Tennessee town of Minor Hill.

Minor Hill, Tennessee is an ideal location for Rural Exploration as it offers beautiful abandoned barns, country houses and more.In this rural exploration micro-adventure I decided to randomly pick a road and see what there was to explore in the Minor Hill area of Tennessee.

It turned into a treasure trove of abandoned buildings, barns and old country homes. I always wonder what these old structures were once like in their prime. Wikipedia had this to say about Minor Hill – “Minor Hill is named for Joseph Minor, an early settler in the area.

A later owner of the Minor tract donated part of it for the establishment of a school, church, and cemetery in the mid-19th century. A post office was established in 1870, and the city incorporated that same year….As of the census of 2000, there were 437 people, 181 households, and 129 families residing in the city.” Click here to join the exploration!

92 Rides Roads Unknown Ep-4 – Awesome Covered Bridges and Camaros

In this motovlog I go for a ride on my motorcycle into North Alabama to see covered bridges, camaros, creeks, and more.
This was a great day to ride old 92 which is the name of my Yamaha Vstar 1100 bobber. In case you were wondering what the difference is between a chopper and a bobber motorcycle… A chopper you actually chop up when building, whereas a bobber motorcycle can be put back together into a stock configuration, generally speaking as far as motorcycles go.
North Alabama has some of the best country roads for riding motorcycles which is why I started this section on allthingstonyj.
So sit back and enjoy a ride through Salem, Alabama as I go motovlogging on my motorcycle to see covered bridges, camaro’s, creeks, and more.
In this motorcycle vlogging series I literally get on my motorcycle and choose a road I’ve never traveled. Thus the title of this section 92 Rides Roads unknown. There’s something awesome about the mystery of taking a motorcycle ride to local places you’re never seen. You always find the most interesting things that most people have never seen.

Click here and enjoy the ride!

Urban Hiking the Beautiful Southern City of Pulaski Tennessee!

In this urban hiking micro-adventure I travel to the beautiful southern Tennessee city of Pulaski to do some urban exploration!
Urban Hiking in Pulaski offers a wonderful time to get out and hike in an urban setting. This Tennessee city is complete with a beautiful city square with commercial stores all around.
According to Wikipedia – Pulaski was founded in 1809. During the American Civil War, the vicinity of Pulaski was the site of a number of skirmishes during the Franklin–Nashville Campaign. Union troops occupied the state from 1862. In 1863, Confederate courier Sam Davis was hanged in Pulaski by the Union Army on suspicion of espionage.
This Urban Hiking micro-adventure in beautiful Pulaski, Tennessee is a “must see” small southern city if you’re ever in southern Tennessee. Pulaski is located just north of the Alabama state line and is home to Martin Methodist University.
There is plenty of Urban Hiking to be had around the square, through the city and into adjoining neighborhoods. The city is filled with beautiful southern homes that you’d expect to see in southern Tennessee.
So if you’re into Urban Hiking and Urban Exploration you might want to give Pulaski a look since it is steeped in history.

Click here and enjoy this awesome micro-adventure!

Rural Exploration – Southern Tennessee abandoned stuff and more!

In this micro-adventure I travel to rural Southern Tennessee to explore abandoned stuff – barns, structures and beautiful countrysides. Thus the idea for Rural Exploration!
In this micro-adventure I decided to travel to Southern Tennessee and literally take a road I’ve never traveled to see what I could find. Seriously, just a random road!

I found myself exploring the area around Bethel, Tennessee. A truly beautiful rural area. I think you’ll find it that way as well!

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Solo Hiking Ep-4 – McKay Hollow Madness! Deer, Snow, Waterfalls!

In this solo hiking micro-adventure I go hiking in the snow on the McKay Hollow trial on beautiful Monte Sano in Huntsville, Alabama.

This solo hike was filled with deer, snow, mountain streams, waterfalls and beautiful views!

Monte Sano State park is located in Huntsville, Alabama and offers a ton of hiking trials for all levels of hikers. If you enjoy hiking and are ever near the Huntsville area then a visit to Monte Sano state park is a must see destination!

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Buc-ee’s – World’s Largest Gas Station?

In this micro-adventure I travel to Buc-ee’s gas station in Leeds, Alabama. claims that Buc-ee’s Beaver has the Fun Stores and this travel adventure proved that to be true!

Could this be the worlds largest gas station? While I didn’t count all the pumps, it’s rumored that they have 196 gas pumps. It certainly was the largest I’ve ever visited.

Buc-ee’s is a destination within itself. While they are known for many things, it’s their beef brisket sandwich that keeps people coming back for more. Again, it’s a destination within itself.

If you’ve never visited a Buc-ee’s then you just don’t get it. It’s really a cross between a convenience store and a small Cabelas. You can find clothes, Costa sunglasses, deer corn and feeders, tons of beef jerky, fudge and candied nuts.

If you are ever within a 10 mile radius of a Buc-ee’s it’s a no brainier destination! Luckily one is coming to Athen’s, Alabama near where I live. You can bet you’ll find me there on a regular basis!

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Urban Hiking the Southern lake city of Guntersville, Alabama. (2021)!

Today’s micro-adventure takes me urban hiking in the sleepy lake town of Guntersville, Alabama.

Urban hiking in downtown Guntersville revealed an active and thriving commercial area. Plenty of places to just hang out and enjoy your day. Great place!

Guntersville is known for the Guntersville State Park, one of Alabama’s premier state parks and vacation destinations.

The area is known for its boating community, bald eagles and is a must see destination if you’re ever in North Alabama.

Click here and join me on this beautiful urban hike!

Urban Hiking the Historic 1818 Town of Mooresville, Alabama

Join me as I go urban hiking in the historic Alabama city of Mooresville, which was Alabama’s first incorporated town (1818.) This is a fantastic 2 hour hiking adventure.

It’s a great urban area to hike in as there is little to no traffic!

From their website –

Welcome to Historic Mooresville, Alabama! Mooresville is the first town incorporated by the Alabama Territorial Legislature, on November 16, 1818. The entire town is on the National Register of Historic Places, and is one of Alabama’s most important and intact villages. Historic homes and buildings, gracious gardens and tree-shaded streets make a visit to Mooresville seem like a step back in time.

From their historical marker:

The post office is the oldest operational post office in the state of Alabama. It has served the community from the original building since 1840! The mailboxes and furnishings are even older and have been in the family for several generations.

While urban hiking in beautiful Mooresville don’t forget to stop by 1818 Farms –

This beautiful city is located between Decatur and Huntsville, Alabama and is a must do urban hiking destination!

Click here to join me on this beautiful urban hike.

Solo Hiking Beautiful Stone Cuts Trail!

Today’s adventure takes me solo hiking on beautiful Monte Sano Stone Cuts Trail!

Stone Cuts trial has its own trailhead and begins from the bikers parking lot within the park. The trail begins with a decent decline and rarely levels out one way or another. I would say that this trial is pretty easy to moderate overall. As the name suggests you’ll eventually find yourself hiking through tall rocks and a semi-cave like area – open on both sides. It’s really a beautiful hike and I’d certainly say it’s a must hike if you visit Monte Sano State Park.

Monte Sano State Park is located in Huntsville, Alabama and easy to get to. The park offers a ton of trails for all fitness levels. If you’re ever in Huntsville, Alabama, spend the $5.00 and take and adventure hike in the park! It’s full of mountain streams, waterfalls and big views!

Click here and join me for a beautiful adventure on Monte Sano!

Urban Hiking Historic Madison Station

Click here if you’d like to go Urban Hiking in the Historic Downtown Madison Station, Madison, Alabama.

In this urban hiking micro adventure on allthingstonyj, I travel to Historic Downtown Madison station in Madison, Alabama.
This area was once called Madison Station because the Charleston and Memphis railway built a depot there.
It’s also known for its eateries. The Main Street Cafe is a must stop location for a fantastic lunch – great lunch special offered regularly.
The Old Black Bear seems to be another restaurant of interest if you’re in Madison. It serves not only local beer but also Alabama Gulf Coast Seafood, Tuesday through Sunday – as well as other tasty choices.
Once your full from lunch you can walk off the calories by shopping in one of their many boutiques.
Then when you get hungry from shopping then you must visit the Zion Gourmet Popcorn store for popcorn, candy and more!
Then if you’re lucky, which I was in this video, you might get to experience a train passing by just like yesteryear.

Main Street Cafe –
Old Black Bear –
Zion Gourmet Popcorn –