Solo Hiking (2020) Ep-2 – South Plateau Pt 1 – Waterfalls, Cliffs and More!

In this micro-adventure I go solo hiking on the South Plateau of Monte Sano.

It was a crisp winter day, leaves had fallen and the views spectacular! It all took place on the South Plateau on Monte Sano in Huntsville, Alabama, in the period of an afternoon.

I got to experience running streams, waterfalls, cliffs, silence and so much more. So put on your favorite hiking shoes and go solo hiking with me on allthingstonyj where I’m trying to motivate and inspire you to break the monotony of the weekly grind one micro-adventure at a time!

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92 Rides Roads Unknown (2020) Ep – 2 – Soda Pop Junction, Col Littleton and Blue Barns!

In 92 Rides Roads Unknown today, on allthingstonyj, I set out on another micro-adventure on my motorcycle.

I’ll be on a one day micro-adventure to Lynnville, Tennessee home of Soda Pop Junction and the world renowned Col Littleton’s Leather company.
Soda Pop Junction allows you to step back in time to a 50’s style diner and is home of Tennessee’s Number One Cheeseburger, known a Big Johnny’s Burger – I must say it was absolutely wonderful! Service was fantastic!
Col Littleton’s Leather Company is a must see in Lynneville. It’s seriously the most unique leather store I’ve ever visited. And the people there were awesome – really nice!

The journey to and from was just as interesting as the location. Old building of yesteryear, livestock, historic homes, a blue barn (first blue barn I’ve seen) and a dog were all included in this awesome trip.

While my adventure included a motorcycle, you could just as easily have done the same in your car!

I just hope my adventures inspire and motivate you to break the weekly monotony with a micro-adventure of your own.

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92 Rides Roads Unknown (2020) Ep-1 – Did that Dog Try To Bite Me?

In this new series of micro-adventures on allthingstonyj, I explore unknown roads on my motorcycle! In this episode you’ll see a beautiful countryside, goats, farm houses, a church in the wildwood and a dog that tries to bite me! It takes place in the Cross Key community near Athens, AL. The story of the 92 on my tank is the year that I graduated from seminary, thus the 92 Rides Roads Unknown! As a child we would often hop in the car and just take a ride in the country to places we’d never been. It was always a great time. So while I take these micro-adventures on my motorcycle, you can use the same idea with any mode of transportation. I just want to inspire you to get out, break the monotony of the weekly grind, and explore your local world! The bike started as a Yamaha v star 1100 that I chopped up and made into a bar hopper. It’s still a work in progress and a great riding bike!

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Solo Hiking With Pelicans (2020) Ep-1

In this Micro-Adventure I go solo hiking with pelicans at Joe Wheeler State Park! Seriously, I was as surprised to see hundreds of Pelicans in North Alabama as you are to hear it!

It was a beautiful chilly day, perfect for a solo hike. As an added bonus I saw a deer and a man catch a bass!

Click here and join my micro-adventure as I go solo hiking with pelicans!

Urban Hiking Ep-8 Columbia Tennessee (2020) – Urban Hiking with the Funky Beat!

In this micro-adventure on allthingstonyj YouTube, I find myself urban hiking in the lovely city of Columbia, Tennessee, which was incorporated in 1817.
Columbia is perhaps best known for Mule Day, but boasts a beautiful city square with Puckett’s restaurant as a must visit location.
The historic square is full of restaurants and shopping opportunities. Columbia is a must see beautiful southern Tennessee city!
So if you’re looking for a great place to go urban hiking, then Columbia located in Maury is a must see city square!

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Rods and Wheels (2020) Car Show Ep-2

In this micro-adventure on allthingstonyj, I find myself going to Ditto Landing in Huntsville, Alabama for the Rods and Wheels Car Show.

Arrived just in time to see many of the hot rods rolling in, including a 32 ford coupe! The show included every car you could imagine that you hope to see at a car show. Weather was fantastic, live band was rockin’, and the food trucks had lines!

While I was there I made a video for my YouTube channel. Click here to watch the show for yourself!

Rods and Wheels (2020) Car Show Ep-1

So I went to a car show and met a Great Dane!

In this one day micro adventure I travel to Ditto Landing for the 5th annual Rods and Wheels car show! It’s held on the scenic Tennessee River.

And what a show it was! Beautiful classic cars, late model customs, trucks, rat rods and much, much more!

Car shows are a part of Americana! The cars, the people, the dogs and the smells of food drifting from the food trucks! What’s not to like even if you don’t like car shows – there’s something for everyone, even a live band!

Click here and go to the car show with me as I made a short film about this incredible micro adventure. Watch my meeting of the Great Dane at the end!

Remember, get out and create a micro adventure for yourself and break the monotony of the everyday grind!

Watch Me Juggle (2020) Ep-2 – 3 Ring Disaster!

Not all micro-adventure require you going somewhere. One of the most overlooked areas of micro-adventures are those that require you to learn something new! A mental micro-adventure.

When is the last time you learned something new that required a lot of your mental capacity? For me is was learning to juggle, then adding trick after trick.

I want to encourage you to figure out a mental micro-adventure and then do it!

In this micro-adventure I decided to rub the dust of my rings, a juggling prop, and see if I can remember some of the tricks I once did. It ends in disaster.

I videoed it all and you can click here to watch the disaster!

Hiking with Dogs (2020) Ep-2 – The Lab Life!

In Ep-2 of Hiking with Dogs (2020), I go on another micro-adventure with my yellow lab to Joe Wheeler State Park.

Many have a state park near their home that can be a great place for a ton of one day micro-adventures. I just happen to take my yellow lab hiking this time and trust me, her nose is in full gear! As an added bonus, her love for water also shows!

I want to encourage you to take a micro adventure and get out and enjoy life!

Click here if you’d like to see me and my yellow lab on this micro adventure!

New Must See Allthingstonyj Intro!

So I created a new introduction to my Micro Adventure YouTube Channel, allthingstonyj, in an attempt to obtain more subscribers.

Learning about YouTube algorithms has become a micro adventure within itself.

There is so much that goes into getting more subscribers! Just Google Search “Youtube Algorithms” and get ready to read for the rest of your life!

Click here to watch my newest channel introduction of allthingstonyj and while you’re there consider leaving a comment of another micro adventure you’d like to see me do.