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Antique Carousel at Coolridge Park – Chattanooga TN.

Click here to join the adventure – the micro-adventure! In this micro-adventure, Antique Carousel at Coolridge Park – Chattanooga TN. we explore the 1894 Dentzel antique carousel located in Coolridge Park, Chattanooga TN. The antique carousel at Coolridge Park, Chattanooga TN was a per their website “The antique carousel was restored by local master wood …

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92 Rides Roads Unknown Ep-5 – Somewhere Near Leggtown, Alabama

Click here to join this epic motorcycle micro-adventure! In this micro-adventure, 92 Rides Roads Unknown Ep-5 – Somewhere Near Leggtown, Alabama, I travel back roads and country roads on my motorcycle, just for the scenery. Leggtown, Alabama, is found in Limestone County, Alabama and is a very, very small but beautiful area of North Alabama. …

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Tennessee Aquarium – Tennessee Aquarium like you’ve never seen before!

Click here to join the micro-adventure! In this week’s micro-adventure, Tennessee Aquarium – Tennessee Aquarium like you’ve never seen before!, we travel to Chattanooga, Tennessee to see sharks, otters and penguins! The Tennessee Aquarium, located in Chattanooga, Tennessee has two main buildings that’s unique to the Tennessee Aquarium, one dedicated to salt water fish the …

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Couch to 25k in 3 Weeks? – McKay Hollow Madness 15 mile trail run!

In this physical micro-adventure I attempt to do a couch to 25K trail run with just 3 weeks training. That’s a 15 mile trail run with very little practical training just see if it can be done! Thus the title – couch to 25k in 3 Weeks!Full disclaimer… I am a runner and in my …

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Solo Hiking Ep-4 – McKay Hollow Madness! Deer, Snow, Waterfalls!

In this solo hiking micro-adventure I go hiking in the snow on the McKay Hollow trial on beautiful Monte Sano in Huntsville, Alabama. This solo hike was filled with deer, snow, mountain streams, waterfalls and beautiful views! Monte Sano State park is located in Huntsville, Alabama and offers a ton of hiking trials for all …

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Urban Hiking the Historic 1818 Town of Mooresville, Alabama

Join me as I go urban hiking in the historic Alabama city of Mooresville, which was Alabama’s first incorporated town (1818.) This is a fantastic 2 hour hiking adventure. It’s a great urban area to hike in as there is little to no traffic! From their website – https://www.mooresvilleal.com/ Welcome to Historic Mooresville, Alabama! Mooresville …

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Ideas for a New Adventure?

It’s time for new ideas for my next micro adventure season on all things tony j. Just finished the 2020 micro adventure season and I’m looking for new ideas for 2021 that anyone can do. I’ll also share my favorite adventure of 2020 of all my adventures taken. I want to create micro adventure content …

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92 Rides to Roads Unknown (2021) Ep-1 Elkmont, Alabama

On today’s micro-adventure I travel beautiful country roads, by motorcycle, to small town America – Elkmont, Alabama. Elkmont has that small town charm yet is home to the world renowned, Belle Chevre goat cheese operation. So click here and join me on another micro adventure by motorcycle, on allthingstonyj, as I visit Elkmont, Alabama!

92 Rides Roads Unknown (2020) Ep – 2 – Soda Pop Junction, Col Littleton and Blue Barns!

In 92 Rides Roads Unknown today, on allthingstonyj, I set out on another micro-adventure on my motorcycle. I’ll be on a one day micro-adventure to Lynnville, Tennessee home of Soda Pop Junction and the world renowned Col Littleton’s Leather company.Soda Pop Junction allows you to step back in time to a 50’s style diner and …

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Solo Hiking With Pelicans (2020) Ep-1

In this Micro-Adventure I go solo hiking with pelicans at Joe Wheeler State Park! Seriously, I was as surprised to see hundreds of Pelicans in North Alabama as you are to hear it! It was a beautiful chilly day, perfect for a solo hike. As an added bonus I saw a deer and a man …

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