Couch to 25k in 3 Weeks? – McKay Hollow Madness 15 mile trail run!

In this physical micro-adventure I attempt to do a couch to 25K trail run with just 3 weeks training. That’s a 15 mile trail run with very little practical training just see if it can be done! Thus the title – couch to 25k in 3 Weeks!
Full disclaimer… I am a runner and in my last race I completed a 100 mile run. But haven’t ran much since. And I mean I haven’t run hardly any long distances since, in fact none! Periodically I’d run a couple to three miles and that’s pretty much it. Just got burned out of running. So, at the last minute I decided to see if I could run the McKay Hollow Madness on Monte Sano in Huntsville, Alabama. It’s a technical trial run with a lot of elevation. At least a lot for me considering I have now hills to train on near my home.
My 3 week training plan was to do a few 3-5 mile runs and one long run prior to the race. In the past I feel like I may over train and this time I wanted to know if I had what it takes to just finish with little training.
I don’t recommend this training plan but in a pinch I thought I’d try it – I mean how hard could 15 trail miles with elevation be – right?
Join me on this documentary style short film as I attempt a couch to 25K with just 3 weeks training!
See if this becomes an epic fail!

Click here and see if this ends in an epic fail!