100 Mile Endurance Quest Part One

If you’ve read my post on my Walter Mitty Life then you already know I go past what some believe is normal. I think that’s up for debate! I will say that there are times that I question myself as to some of the things I attempt to do. This could be one of those.

Wondering how anyone would even consider getting into ultra running – distances that typically start around 31 miles. You can read about how I started in my post Ultra Experiment.

Ultimately I feel that the shorter races are a young man’s game, it’s all about speed, which left me long ago. But as the distance increases to the ultra distances, strategy and nutrition slowly works their way into the equation. You see, it’s an endurance race, which means there is a combination of walking and running. You need the best combination of each dependent on the course to be successful. If that weren’t enough, then enters in your nutrition. You can be in great shape, have a great plan, but have your race nutrition go south on race day and your day is over. A lot of factors play into endurance racing. It’s a game of strategy.

My longest race to date was 50 miles. I often get asked if I walked any of it. Many seem disappointed when I say yes – it’s an endurance race, not an endurance run. Walk or run in the wrong ratio and you lose. Remember, it’s about strategy, how much do I walk to hang on for hours of being on my feet verses running. Then I ask if they’ve ever tried to just walk 50 miles. That seems to bring it back into perspective! You can see a light bulb go off…

So before I retired from running a couple of years ago, I had been obsessed with toeing the line for a 100 mile endurance race. Once again, some would say not normal. Again I’d say that’s up for debate. You see I believe the mind/body is capable of things that many never tap into. I think this could be one of those things.

So, my quest to run a 100 mile endurance race begins…

Stay tuned.

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    • Imogene Keller on May 20, 2019 at 5:52 pm

    Have you prayed about this? Is this for bragging rights? What effect will it have on your body, now and later? Just Momma questions.

    1. Actually many people run races like this each year. It seems to be a natural progression for those that like running long distances. Here is how it progressed for me: 3 mile, 13.1 miles, 32 miles, 26.2 miles, 12 hour timed (50 miles). So I’e decided that a 100 miler is the next progression. Will it happen? Don’t know. But I do know that I’m headed in that direction!

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