My Walter Mitty Life

I’ve always been amazed at what people have been able to accomplish in their lifetime. I enjoy reading about people that have done a lot of crazy things in search of adventure. I loved the movie the Secret Life of Walter Mitty.  So in light of this, I decided to write down all the crazy things that I’ve been able to do – so far in my life. I would encourage you to do the same because you probably have lived an awesome life that others might enjoy reading about!

These may not be in a chronological order but here we go:

Once lived in Cuba – dad was in the Navy

Registered myself for the first grade without my parents knowledge – walked to the school and went to the office to register – who does that?

Owned several motorcycles – Suzuki Trailhopper, Yamaha 100, Honda XL-125, Honda CR-125, Suzuki RM-250, Yamaha FZ-1, Yamaha V Star 1100

Started college at 17

Earned a private Pilot License just after High School

Ran a small sport airport on weekends for free flight time

Flown in homebuilt airplanes, flown in a world war II fighter – T6 and almost crashed

Once started building a homebuilt airplane – EAA Acro Sport II

As a child rode a Trailways bus to my grandparents

Set trot lines in a creek at night

Hunted quail on my grandfathers farm

Fished  in Ray Scott’s personal pond (founder of Bass Masters)

Was a Chimney Sweep apprentice

Held the ribbon for the Flying Mayor to tear while flying inverted – worked several airshows

Once searched for a skydiver whose chute failed to open while attempting a state record high dive

Got lost on my first cross country solo flight

Got to go whale watching in Boston

Visited the John Lennon memorial in Central Park New York

Saw a play on Broadway

Visited the Rocky Mountain national park

Saw Cirque Du Soleil’s – La Nouba

Been on two cruises – Nassau Bahamas,  Cozumel

Visited Key West – saw Hemingway’s House

Have vacationed in Disneyworld

Visited Elvis’s – Tupelo home and Graceland

Visited Beale street in Memphis

Attended a Superbike race at Barber motorsports park

Crashed a motorcycle on the street while skipping school

Was a passenger in a car that was totaled in a crash

Have seen a Gutenberg bible in person

Walked down Wall Street

Walked around Times Square

President Carter lectured in one of my Seminary classes

Attended a Professional Bull Riding event (PBR) with VIP tickets – was in room with Ty Murray

Had my picture made with Evil Kenevil and Roy Clark at a celebrity golf tournament

Was a High School softball and basketball official

Have coached basketball

Have been with rescue team while dragging bottom of a river looking for a body

Have been a Police Department chaplain riding with officers on patrol

Graduated from Candler School of Theology

Served multiple churches

I’ve run a 65 acre ranch for delinquent boys

Worked at an all girls treatment facility

Ultra-runner – Longest race was 72 miler, multiple races of 31 miles, marathons, etc…

Non-christian concerts that I’ve attended – Styx, KISS (in the early days),Commodores with Lionel Richie, Doobie Brothers, Elton John, Bob Dylan, Elvis – yup, Elvis!

Became a PADI(Professional Association of Dive Instructors) scuba diver with multiple certifications – Open, Advanced, Rescue, Nitrox, Divemaster

Lettered in tennis in High school

Set several state records in competitive powerlifting

Was once a personal trainer

Have participated in multiple sports – Jr. High basketball, baseball, softball, football

Taught myself to juggle – 3 and 4 ball, rings, Diablo, various balancing tricks. clubs

Owned several cool cars – 72 Chevy Nova,Datsun  240 Z, 55 Chevy 2 door hardtop, 68 Chevy Camero

Married to the same wonderful lady for 33 years as of this writting

Great kids and son in laws

Had throat cancer but survived – at least as of this day!

I’m sure there is a ton I’ve missed. But I have tried to take John 10:10 seriously when Jesus said I have come so you can live the abundant life.

Accepting Christ was the greatest thing I’ve ever done. Getting married and raising kids has been the second greatest thing I’ve ever done.

Take time at some point and write down all you’ve been able to accomplish, you might be surprised at how good a life God has given you. As a bonus others might be interested in reading it – I know I would.