100 Mile Endurance Quest Part Two

So I lost and entire week of training. More on that later…

So the dream or nightmare continues. My quest to attempt a 100 mile endurance race. Notice that it’s a race and not just a run, so yes, walking is part of the strategy.

Step one of my plan is to do a 24 hour timed event on a 1 mile closed course – a 1 mile track. Part of the challenge is to fight off the boredom of running in a one mile circle for 24 hours – with no sleep. Then, once I can determine my athletic condition I will determine my next step in the quest. Most likely that would be a flatter 100 miler somewhere in the US.

So back to me losing 1 week of training which also slows things down for the second week of subpar training… I joined Strava and a few virtual running clubs to gauge my training efforts against other local runners each week. I was logging great mileage for several weeks. I was somewhat competitive on Strava. Until…

Until I decided to be my usual self when it comes to extremes. I love to run on the hottest and coldest days I can find just to see if I can take it. It’s a mental thing as you never know what race conditions may be on any given race day. On this particular day I thought it might be a great idea to run in the heaviest monsoon rain I could find. For about 7 miles, puddles and all. Thought it would be great training as I have often run races in adverse conditions. Weather can change a lot in 24 hours. The run went well as it rained harder and harder.

Then it happened…A couple of days later I developed an intense sinus infection. Now I’m not saying that there is a cause and effect thing here but… I’m pretty sure running in the rain COULD have contributed to the infection. I got so sick, lost sleep, felt so tired that it shut down all training. It got so bad I even went to the doctor, I know, I know. I lost an entire week of training. I was logging some pretty good mileage – for me, until then. But if that wasn’t bad enough, now I need to slowly ease back into some high mileage days, and race day is quickly approaching.

In case you’re wondering what high mileage days look like for me… I subscribe to the one long run per week mentality. You run quality miles during the week but you real effort is put into the long run on weekends. My long run is 20 miles each week. Just in case you’re wondering. For a 225 pound guy that’s a lot of miles!

So I’m back on track. I’ve officially registered for the 24 hour race and now working on nutrition and strategy ideas. More about that in another post dedicated to just that.

Stay tuned as this could end in a big fail!

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    • Brett Constable on June 18, 2019 at 1:13 pm

    Inspiring! Keep it up.

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