Rods and Wheels (2020) Car Show Ep-1

So I went to a car show and met a Great Dane!

In this one day micro adventure I travel to Ditto Landing for the 5th annual Rods and Wheels car show! It’s held on the scenic Tennessee River.

And what a show it was! Beautiful classic cars, late model customs, trucks, rat rods and much, much more!

Car shows are a part of Americana! The cars, the people, the dogs and the smells of food drifting from the food trucks! What’s not to like even if you don’t like car shows – there’s something for everyone, even a live band!

Click here and go to the car show with me as I made a short film about this incredible micro adventure. Watch my meeting of the Great Dane at the end!

Remember, get out and create a micro adventure for yourself and break the monotony of the everyday grind!

Watch Me Juggle (2020) Ep-2 – 3 Ring Disaster!

Not all micro-adventure require you going somewhere. One of the most overlooked areas of micro-adventures are those that require you to learn something new! A mental micro-adventure.

When is the last time you learned something new that required a lot of your mental capacity? For me is was learning to juggle, then adding trick after trick.

I want to encourage you to figure out a mental micro-adventure and then do it!

In this micro-adventure I decided to rub the dust of my rings, a juggling prop, and see if I can remember some of the tricks I once did. It ends in disaster.

I videoed it all and you can click here to watch the disaster!

Hiking with Dogs (2020) Ep-2 – The Lab Life!

In Ep-2 of Hiking with Dogs (2020), I go on another micro-adventure with my yellow lab to Joe Wheeler State Park.

Many have a state park near their home that can be a great place for a ton of one day micro-adventures. I just happen to take my yellow lab hiking this time and trust me, her nose is in full gear! As an added bonus, her love for water also shows!

I want to encourage you to take a micro adventure and get out and enjoy life!

Click here if you’d like to see me and my yellow lab on this micro adventure!

New Must See Allthingstonyj Intro!

So I created a new introduction to my Micro Adventure YouTube Channel, allthingstonyj, in an attempt to obtain more subscribers.

Learning about YouTube algorithms has become a micro adventure within itself.

There is so much that goes into getting more subscribers! Just Google Search “Youtube Algorithms” and get ready to read for the rest of your life!

Click here to watch my newest channel introduction of allthingstonyj and while you’re there consider leaving a comment of another micro adventure you’d like to see me do.

Hiking with Dogs Ep-1- Was it a Mistake?

In this one day micro adventure I decided to travel a short distance to Joe Wheeler Park. The reason? To go hiking with my 2 year old yellow Labrador retriever! To add to the adventure I decided I’d make a short film about the experience! If you’ve never owned a lab, know this, a 2 year old is still acting like a puppy!

Was it a mistake?

Click here and you can decide in my one day micro adventure on allthingstonyj YouTube – Hiking with Dogs Ep-1 – Was it a mistake? Subscribe while you’re there!

Ardmore Car Show (2020) Ep-2 – More Rat Rods, Corvettes and Slammed Trucks – Oh My!

In this one day micro adventure I traveled to Ardmore, Tennessee for the 2020 car show.

This event draws close to 1,000 entries that vary from rat rods to corvettes and every classic car you can imagine.

The quarterback club puts on the event and it’s one of the largest classic car shows in the southeast.

Best part is it’s family friendly and affordable with free parking and $5.00 entry fee.

I’m already looking forward to the 2021 show because it’s that good!

Click here and see what I’m talking about because I made a short film while I was there!

Ardmore Car Show (2020) – Rat Rods, Corvettes and more – Oh My!

In this one day micro adventure I travel to the Ardmore car show (2020).

Car shows are a piece of Americana as people have been showing off their cars since the Model A!

While I love classic cars, I really wanted to see the new Mid Engine C8 Corvette! I was not disappointed as there were actually 2!

While I could write about all the awesome cars at this show that totaled close to 1,000 entries, why not just see them for yourself!

Click here and go with me to the Ardmore Car show 2020.

Superbikes at Barber Motorsports (2020) Ep-2 – Life in the pits!

More Superbikes from the MotoAmerica Honos Superbke races held at Barber Motorsports park in beautiful Birmingham, Alabama.

I went on this one day micro adventure to see what the pits were like at a major Superbike race. It did not disappoint! MotoAmerica put on a fantastic race and I was really surprised at how close they allow you to the action.

While I was there I made a short film about it – click here and see what I’m talking about, it won’t disappoint!

Superbikes at Barber Motorsports (2020)

In this one day micro adventure I travel to Barber Motorsports park for the MotoAmerica Honos Superbike race.

It’s one thing to see a motorcycle go 180 mph on TV but it’s entirely different in person!

The most incredible part of Barber is how much access they allow in the pits!

So in this one day micro adventure I specifically went to see what the pit area looks like at a major superbike race in America.

I did get get told that I couldn’t video inside one of the major team’s trailer! Don’t know if you don’t ask!

So click here and join me as I explore the pits at the MotoAmerica Honos Superbike race at Barber Motorsports Park in Birmingham, Alabama.

Urban Hiking Ep-6 Ellijay, Georgia

Join me on another Urban Hiking Micro Adventure in the beautiful quaint town of Ellijay, Georgia!

Ellijay is located in north Georgia and is known for its apple festivals, restaurants and outdoor activities.

So lace up your virtual boots and click here to go Urban Hiking in Ellijay, Georgia