Urban Hiking the Beautiful Southern City of Pulaski Tennessee!

In this urban hiking micro-adventure I travel to the beautiful southern Tennessee city of Pulaski to do some urban exploration!
Urban Hiking in Pulaski offers a wonderful time to get out and hike in an urban setting. This Tennessee city is complete with a beautiful city square with commercial stores all around.
According to Wikipedia – Pulaski was founded in 1809. During the American Civil War, the vicinity of Pulaski was the site of a number of skirmishes during the Franklin–Nashville Campaign. Union troops occupied the state from 1862. In 1863, Confederate courier Sam Davis was hanged in Pulaski by the Union Army on suspicion of espionage.
This Urban Hiking micro-adventure in beautiful Pulaski, Tennessee is a “must see” small southern city if you’re ever in southern Tennessee. Pulaski is located just north of the Alabama state line and is home to Martin Methodist University.
There is plenty of Urban Hiking to be had around the square, through the city and into adjoining neighborhoods. The city is filled with beautiful southern homes that you’d expect to see in southern Tennessee.
So if you’re into Urban Hiking and Urban Exploration you might want to give Pulaski a look since it is steeped in history.

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