Rural Exploration – Abandoned off Hwy 99

Today’s micro-adventure is all about rural exploration of abandoned stuff, abandoned homes, abandoned barns, and more, just off Hwy 99 in Limestone County, Alabama. In today’s episode of rural exploration I go in search of abandoned barns, abandoned homes and more in rural areas of North Alabama.
Rural Exploration is the exploration of man made structures that are abandoned or rarely seen by most. It’s sometimes referred to as rurex – a combination of Rural and Exploration.
Rurex or Rural Exploration, is the counterpart to Urbanex or urban exploration, but in rurex or Rural exploration, the exploration is done in the country or rural areas of the United States.
The highlight of today’s rurex or rural exploration is a grist mill on highway 99 in Limestone County in North Alabama, near Athens, Alabama.
Rurex, rural exploration, rural ex, no matter what you call it, it’s always a great micro-adventure anyone can do.
So load up the car and go on a Rural Exploration or rurex adventure of your own!

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