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Friendship 50 Part 1

On September 13, 2015, Friendship UMC will be celebrating 50 years of impacting the community of Athens, AL. While technically Friendship UMC will turn 50 before that date, that will be the day we officially celebrate 50 years. We are currently in the planning phase and what has already been determined is awesome.  In the …

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5 ways to love what you already have

You may and may not agree with this list of 5 ways to love what you have now.  Add to it or take away. But at least think about it!  The original post can be found at buy nothing new for a year. 1.You Don’t Need Something that Doesn’t Benefit Anyone Else 2. You Don’t …

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Stop at Nothing The Lance Armstrong Story

In case you didn’t know, I’m a self confessing documentary junkie.  I recently watched a doc on Lance Armstrong as he totally destroyed people’s lives all for glory and money.  It was really amazing to see how he was represented in this documentary even as he confessed to doing all that other’s claimed he had …

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Everything You Need to Know about ISIS in 2 minutes!

ISIS is no longer just a terrorist group.  They now operate as a full fledged government with the capability to occupy cities.  Everything you need to know about ISIS, according to CNN can be found in this two minute video.

Leaders are Readers….

A leader once told me that leaders are readers.  As I researched the subject, other great leaders seemed to read a lot – a whole lot. If you want to become a better leader then reading is essential. I read an article recently on that: 1.  Lists 7 good reasons to read more 2. …

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Why Vacations Make You More Productive!

There is nothing like a great vacation.  Whether it be for a week or weekend.  But what you may not know is that a vacation can actually make you more productive at work.  The Atlantic wrote an article about this some time ago.  If the thought of taking a vacation making you more productive is …

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This may be one if the best designs I’ve seen for simple living on a very short term basis!  You can read more about this awesome portable structure at Ecocapsule.  Enjoy!

Umpire Mania!

This was yet another Life Experiment that I tried for a while…. Alabama High School Athletic Association girls softball umpire!  This one was going really well until…  Here is how it went down….  One of my church members was already calling a lot of games when he needed help.  So the next year I decided …

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Benefits of Cutting the Cord

My wife and I are continuing my life experiment of living without cable TV.  So far so good. I find there are more and more people doing the same. Recently I found this blog denoting the benefits of cutting the cable cord. Read the blog over at Simple Hacks Living.

Best Productivity Hacks of the Year

Here is what claims to be the best productivity hacks of the year. But before we get to that list I would like to add my input. First I believe that number 14 could be a stretch, in my opinion – and I like vegetables, love them!  My favorite if I were to pick one …

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