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Jun 01

Umpire Mania!

This was yet another Life Experiment that I tried for a while…. Alabama High School Athletic Association girls softball umpire!  This one was going really well until…  Here is how it went down….  One of my church members was already calling a lot of games when he needed help.  So the next year I decided …

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May 13

Benefits of Cutting the Cord

My wife and I are continuing my life experiment of living without cable TV.  So far so good. I find there are more and more people doing the same. Recently I found this blog denoting the benefits of cutting the cable cord. Read the blog over at Simple Hacks Living.

May 13

Best Productivity Hacks of the Year

Here is what claims to be the best productivity hacks of the year. But before we get to that list I would like to add my input. First I believe that number 14 could be a stretch, in my opinion – and I like vegetables, love them!  My favorite if I were to pick one …

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May 13

But That’s Not All!

This Sunday we have a graduation of sorts!  We will close out our current series and graduate into the future with a new and revived spiritual life!  Or at least we’ve given a ton of tools for you to begin to get spiritually healthy. But that’s not all!  We will also be celebrating communion!  Anyone …

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May 07

16 Simple Living Hacks to Make Life Easier

Looking for some simple living life hacks to make life easier? Here is just one of the 16 I found today… 16. Putting your car alarm remote under your chin increases its range. If you want to discover the other 15, slide over to – complete with pictures!

May 07

4 Simple Life Hacks to Enjoy Work

4 Simple Life Hacks to Enjoy Work 1.  Try something new everyday 2.  Stay fit, active and healthy 3.  Allocate your time wisley 4.  Don’t waste time in meetings   These hacks are explained in detail at Of course don’t overlook the popcorn at work hack in the picture!

May 07

Mothers Day and More!

In search of life? Can you imagine what you’re life would be like without your mother or a mother figure in your life!  In honor of their awesomeness we will be giving away a $30.00 gift certificate to Diva Nails this Sunday in each service.  So mothers, when you arrive you’ll receive a ticket with …

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Apr 23

7 Brain Hacks to Increase Productivity

Check out the following video laying out some awesome hacks to increase your productivity from buzzfeedblue.      

Apr 23

Searching for Life

How’s your spiritual life these days? How’s your relationship with God? Is it going great? Is it non-existent? Is it in a holding pattern? Have you lost the love you once had for God? Regardless of what state your spiritual life is in, we can all agree that it could be better.  Who doesn’t want …

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Apr 16

Benefits to Waking Up Early

Over at the they have a great list of men who were early risers. Statesman Daniel Webster would use his extra time in the morning to answer twenty to thirty of the letters he received from constituents and other politicians. Benjamin Franklin would wake every day at 5AM and would use the time to wash, dress, …

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