92 Rides Roads Unknown (2020) Ep – 2 – Soda Pop Junction, Col Littleton and Blue Barns!

In 92 Rides Roads Unknown today, on allthingstonyj, I set out on another micro-adventure on my motorcycle.

I’ll be on a one day micro-adventure to Lynnville, Tennessee home of Soda Pop Junction and the world renowned Col Littleton’s Leather company.
Soda Pop Junction allows you to step back in time to a 50’s style diner and is home of Tennessee’s Number One Cheeseburger, known a Big Johnny’s Burger – I must say it was absolutely wonderful! Service was fantastic!
Col Littleton’s Leather Company is a must see in Lynneville. It’s seriously the most unique leather store I’ve ever visited. And the people there were awesome – really nice!

The journey to and from was just as interesting as the location. Old building of yesteryear, livestock, historic homes, a blue barn (first blue barn I’ve seen) and a dog were all included in this awesome trip.

While my adventure included a motorcycle, you could just as easily have done the same in your car!

I just hope my adventures inspire and motivate you to break the weekly monotony with a micro-adventure of your own.

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