92 Rides Roads Unknown (2020) Ep-1 – Did that Dog Try To Bite Me?

In this new series of micro-adventures on allthingstonyj, I explore unknown roads on my motorcycle! In this episode you’ll see a beautiful countryside, goats, farm houses, a church in the wildwood and a dog that tries to bite me! It takes place in the Cross Key community near Athens, AL. The story of the 92 on my tank is the year that I graduated from seminary, thus the 92 Rides Roads Unknown! As a child we would often hop in the car and just take a ride in the country to places we’d never been. It was always a great time. So while I take these micro-adventures on my motorcycle, you can use the same idea with any mode of transportation. I just want to inspire you to get out, break the monotony of the weekly grind, and explore your local world! The bike started as a Yamaha v star 1100 that I chopped up and made into a bar hopper. It’s still a work in progress and a great riding bike!

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