Urban Exploring 1887 Bessemer by Motorcycle! WOW – What I Found! 92 Rides…

Click here to see yet another micro-adventure as I explore Bessemer on my motorcycle!

Today I decided to go Urban Exploring in Bessemer, Alabama, by motorcycle!

I’m calling this one – Found All This in Bessemer? Urban Exploration by Motorcycle! 92 Rides…

Bessemer, Alabama is a suburb of Birmingham, Alabama and is home of the famous restaurant Bright Star – the oldest in Alabama. While urban exploring Bessemer we’ll find old homes, stores, a beautiful historic downtown and so much more.

Urban exploring by motorcycle brings a whole new experience as you can cover more are in a shorter time.

Located in the heart of central Alabama, Bessemer is home to some 27,000 residents. Founded in 1887 by coal magnate Henry DeBardeleben, Bessemer grew rapidly in its early years, earning it the nickname “The Marvel City.” Growth continues to be our mantra heading into tomorrow.
Bessemer is the hub of western Jefferson County and is an economic engine driving development in the Birmingham-Hoover Metropolitan area. Our city is “business-friendly” and is home to a diverse blend of industries and companies.
Bessemer is home to great restaurants, awesome recreational amenities and a distinguished list of famous natives.
The Mayor and City Council invite you to visit the city and enjoy its flavor, its rich heritage and all the Marvel City has to offer.