Exploring Birmingham’s Inner City Street Art, Graffiti and More! Mind Blowing!

Click here and join me as I go Urban Hiking in Birmingham’s Inner City in search of Street Art, Graffiti and More!

Today I explore Inner City Street Art, Graffiti and More in downtown Birmingham, Alabama.

Birmingham, Alabama’s inner city street art and graffiti was simply beautiful. I realize that graffiti and street art to some is just vandalism in many cases. But this did not seem like the case as I explored the inner city of Birmingham, Alabama’s street art and graffiti.

Some might even say that a better description of Street Art would be to call them murals. But as I explore the inner city of Birmingham for this stuff I prefer to see them as street art. Street Art itself could include graffiti but has a broader scope of possibilities.

Many of these look as though the street artist used spray paint for tagging buildings and doors.

So I hope you like my latest Urban Hiking Exploration of Birmingham’s inner city as I look for Street Art, Graffiti and more!