Ideas for a New Adventure?

It’s time for new ideas for my next micro adventure season on all things tony j. Just finished the 2020 micro adventure season and I’m looking for new ideas for 2021 that anyone can do. I’ll also share my favorite adventure of 2020 of all my adventures taken.

I want to create micro adventure content that you want to see, so your adventure ideas are important to me. Please leave ideas in the comments section for consideration on my channel. As you think about new adventure ideas here are a few from 2020:
Solo hiking, Urban Hiking, Hiking with Dogs, Motovlogging, Boating, Car Shows, Etc…

Remember your suggestions should inspire and motivate others to break the monotony of the weekly grind one micro adventure at a time. So they need to be ones I can do in a day, or at most, 3 days from Athens, Alabama.

I look forward to seeing your ideas so I can create micro adventures that will inspire you to get out and explore your part of the world.

So Click here and let me know what you’d like to see!