Cullman Christmas Market – Did Not Disappoint! You Won’t Believe it!

Click here and join me as I explore the Cullman Christmas Market – with a German Medieval Theme!

The Cullman Christmas Market is billed as Bigger and Better than Ever! The Cullman Christmas Market did not disappoint. The Cullman Christmas Market was Awesome! The Cullman Christmas Market is based on a German Medieval Theme!

From their Website:


The beloved Christmas market, with origins tracing back to late medieval Germany, is a vibrant and festive tradition that comes alive during the four weeks of Advent. These markets, typically nestled in the bustling heart of town squares, are a picturesque scene of quaint wooden huts. Originating as gatherings to provide locals with essential winter goods, they have evolved into a celebration of Christmas, offering an array of culinary treats, heartwarming beverages, and an assortment of festive gifts and handcrafted items. The market’s enchanting ambiance, adorned with holiday decorations, creates a magical experience that delights and captivates visitors of all ages, making it an essential and cherished part of the holiday season.


Originating from the Ore Mountains in the German state of Saxony, the German Christmas pyramid has a rich history. Initially conceived in the late 1700s as an economical alternative to traditional Christmas trees, these wooden marvels often feature one to five rotating levels. Today, they have evolved into cherished household decorations during the holiday season and can be spotted in larger forms worldwide, adorning Christmas markets and spreading festive cheer.