How Much Can You Do in Destin, Florida in ONE DAY? I found out!

Click here to see how much I do in Destin, Florida in just one day! – You won’t believe it!

Destin Florida! Beautiful Destin – so much to do!

I decided to go leave Birmingham to go to Destin, Florida to see how much I could do in one day and I found out!

Here’s the skinny of what we accomplished in one day in Destin, Florida:

  1. Miramar Beach
  2. Pompano Joe’s for Coconut shrimp
  3. Holiday Isle
  4. Norriega Point
  5. East Pass Jetty
  6. Sandestin
  7. Baytowne Wharf
  8. Roberto’s Pizzeria
  9. Moo la-la Ice Cream
  10. Seaside

See it all my latest micro adventure.

According to the City of Destin website:

History of Destin
Located in the Florida Panhandle, the City of Destin has a rich historical heritage dating back to American Indian inhabitants as early as the seventh century A.D. Spanish explorers surveyed Florida in 1538. Don Francisco Tapia was commissioned to survey the Florida coast and in 1693, drew the first known map of East Pass and its shores.

Immediate History

Destin traces its immediate history to a fisherman, Captain Leonard Destin from New London, Conn., who began sailing and fishing the gulf waters around 1835 and, through series of mishaps, permanently settled in Destin in about 1850-1852. Captain Destin pioneered the fishing industry and Destin has maintained this heritage to the present.