Lost in Bibb County, Alabama – But Saw Some Cool Scenery!

Click here and join me on another micro adventure as I get lost in rural Bibb County, Alabama with my yellow lab!

In my latest micro adventure I find myself eventually getting lost somewhere in Bibb County, Alabama – I’m calling it – Lost in Bibb County, Alabama – But Saw Some Cool Scenery!

On this micro adventure I decided to do a little rural exploration… Loaded up my Yellow Lab and eventually got lost in Bibb County, Alabama! But before the GPS helped find our way home we got to see a lot of cool scenery.

Some of the scenery on this micro adventure into Bibb County, Alabama was either vacant, abandoned, or uninhabited – you’ll need to decide for yourself.

This is another rural micro adventured inspired from my childhood a my family would often take long Sunday drives in the country.

The official Bibb County website has this to say:

Bibb County was created through an act of the Alabama Territorial Legislature on February 7, 1818, one year before Alabama was officially named and became part of the United States.Originally called Cahawba County, named after the river that runs through it, the county was renamed Bibb County in 1820 to honor Alabama’s first Governor, William Wyatt Bibb. Before settlers moved to the area, it was populated by the Creek Indians of the Upper Towns, who lived along the banks of the Cahaba and its tributaries.To the south, Bibb is bordered by many historical “black belt” counties, and is known for its recreational opportunities along the Cahaba River and within the Talladega National Forest, Oakmulgee District.

During the nineteenth century, Bibb County was a noted iron, coal, and lumber center. Lumber production boomed in the twentieth century and timber products remain a mainstay of today’s economy.Bibb County has a thriving health care community, consisting of a rural hospital, nursing home, attached retirement community, specialty medical clinics, and a physician training program attached to the University of Alabama Birmingham.

· Founding Date: February 7, 1818· Area: 626 square miles· Population: 22,572 (2016 Census estimate)· Major Waterways: Cahaba River, Little Cahaba River· Major Highways: U.S. 82· County Seat: Centreville· Largest City: Brent

So I hope you like my latest Rural Exploration micro adventure – Lost in Bibb County, Alabama – But Saw Some Cool Scenery!