Urban Hiking Ep-27 – Stevenson, AL., Under Promised and OVER DELIVERED! WOW!

Click here and join me on another Urban Hiking adventure – to the sleepy, forgotten town of Stevenson, Alabama! It was super awesome and an Urban Hiking and Photographers dream come true!

Today’s Urban Hiking micro adventure take us to Stevenson, Alabama in beautiful Jackson County!

Urban Hiking in Stevenson, Alabama is an Urban Hiking and Photographers dream.

Urban Hiking in Stevenson, Alabama, in Jackson County, was under promised and over delivered. Stevenson is full of vacant, abandoned and occupied old southern buildings. Stevenson even has a train depot and old hotel museum. While I was in Stevenson a train came through as it has for ages.

Stevenson has a main street with many quaint businesses that are very unique. The Stevenson Trading post is one of the coolest and unique antique stores I’ve seen in all the Southern Cities I’ve visited – well worth the trip if your near Stevenson, Alabama! They even have a dedicated space on the 2nd floor for photography – you’ll see it in this video. Then there is Professor A J R G’s Odditorium! I think the name says it all.

According to the Encyclopedia of Alabama: Settlers began coming to the area as early as the 1820s, even though the land still belonged to the Cherokees at the time. The settlement began to expand after the Nashville and Chattanooga Railroad came through the area on which the town now stands; the line was completed in 1854.

But Stevenson, Alabama should become known as the go to place for urban hiking and photography – there are just a ton of picturesque places to shoot video and still shots and the people are super nice!

So I hope you enjoy Urban Hiking Ep-27 – Stevenson, AL., Under Promised and OVER DELIVERED! WOW!