Urban Hiking Ep -23 – Mountain Town of Mentone, Big Burgers and More!

Click here and join me on another Urban Hiking micro adventure to the Mountain Town of Mentone, Alabama…

In this Urban Hiking Micro Adventure I travel to the mountain town of Mentone, Alabama. Mentone, Alabama is a quaint little mountain town full of life and local artists. Mentone, Alabama is located in DeKalb County on top of lookout mountain.

Mentone, Alabama is home of a beautiful bed and breakfast known as the Mentone Inn. The Mentone Inn looked like a must do if you were staying over night for a micro adventure. The Mentone Inn gets great reviews on Tripadvisor as well.

Then one of my favorite places urban hiking in Mentone was the Wildflower Cafe. The Wildflower Inn serves up various dishes to meet anyone’s hunger needs! On this day the Mentone’s Wildflower Cafe served up one of the best cheeseburgers I’ve ever eaten.

Overall I’d certainly encourage you to take an urban hiking micro adventure to Mentone, Alabama in the near future and experience the Mentone Inn and have the Wildflower Cafe serve you up an excellent meal!