Rural Exploration Ep -16 – Old Churches, Barns and More, Oh My!

Click here to join me as I go on another Rural Exploration micro adventure in Elkmont, Alabama!

Today I explore Old Churches, Old Barns, a Cotton Gin and beautiful farmland off Veto Road in Elkmont, Alabama a beautiful North Alabama small town! North Alabama is ripe for Rural Exploration due to the abundance of abandoned stuff – of course not all is abandoned!

Rural Exploration is all about abandoned America, and North Alabama is just simply beautiful. As we explore this beautiful small town of Elkmont, in North Alabama, you’ll see a great example of abandoned North Alabama that many need to see.

So it is that I love Rural Exploration so I can show others abandoned homes, abandoned barns, abandoned cars and other abandoned things – mostly beautiful abandoned landscapes. But again much is not abandoned yet beautiful – Old Churches, Barns, Country Homes and more!

Today I discover a beautiful abandoned barns, homes and more that I can only imagine how it looked in its prime along with beautiful country landscapes! Veto Road in Elkmont, Alabama was an excellent rural exploration destination!

Elkmont, Alabama is located in Limestone County, and is worth the drive if you love abandoned things and beautiful farmland and landscapes!

So I hope you enjoy – Rural Exploration Ep -16 – Old Churches, Barns and More, Oh My!

There are so many beautiful abandoned places in North Alabama that people should see. So it is that I love documenting these abandoned places for others to remember.