Urban Hiking Ep-19 – Scarecrows of Athens

Click here and join me as I go on an Urban Hiking micro adventure in Athens, Alabama where apparently scarecrows have taken over!

In “Urban Hiking Ep-19 – Scarecrows of Athens” I go urban hiking in Athens, Alabama which has been taken over by scarecrows!

This scarecrow event in Athens, Alabama has become a favorite and is now referred to as the Athens Scarecrow Ball!

It seems that the idea for the Athens, Alabama Scarecrow Ball was the brainchild of Lee Goehler of South Beaty Street, after a trip to Nova Scotia.

Now homeowners in the Robert Beaty Historic District in, Athens, Alabama decorate for fall with a plethora of scarecrows!

The setting now creates a fantastic backdrop for urban hiking in the Athens, Alabama downtown historic district, where scarecrows abound!

So join me for “Urban Hiking Ep-19 – Scarecrows of Athens” and enjoy the creepy scenery in the form of scarecrows!