Rural Exploration Ep-8 – Somewhere Near Gaston Hollow Road!

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In, Rural Exploration Ep-8 – Somewhere Near Gaston Hollow, Alabama, I find myself in another afternoon micro-adventure in search of abandoned barns, cars, homes, and sheds.

There are many “hollows” to do rural exploration in North Alabama in Limestone County. These areas in North Alabama are beautiful and peaceful yet many will never see them.

That’s why I do rural exploration in the form of a micro-adventure. It’s all about the rural art and photography. If someone doesn’t capture it, only a few will ever see things like Gaston Hollow Road in North Alabama. The best part is anyone can do a micro-adventure like this in an afternoon.

Rural exploration is something anyone can do. Grab your Iphone or Gopro and take the first random road you find out in the country, for an incredible micro-adventure.

One of the incredible finds on this micro-adventure was an old white abandoned church. It looked like something off the Walking Dead. It’s known as the Gaston Chapel by some and has long been closed. I also find several abandoned barns and several what seem to be abandoned homes.

If you love surprises then you’ll love Rural Exploration Ep-8 – Somewhere Near Gaston Hollow Road!