Urban Hiking Ep-16 Lynchburg Tn. – More than expected! Seriously!

Click here and join me for Urban Hiking Ep-16 Lynchburg Tn. – More than expected! Seriously! I go urban hiking in the historic small town of Lynchburg Tn.

Lynchburg Tn. is a quaint southern Tennessee town full of life and color.

Lynchburg Tn. has a typical southern Tennessee town square that has been reinvented into a hub of excitement. Lynchburg Tn. is full of nice shops and excellent family owned restaurants.

Lynchburg Tn. is also home of Jack Daniels Distillery that offers free tours daily. Oddly enough I have heard that Lynchburg Tn. is in a dry county and they can only sell gift packs of Jack Daniels. The Jack Daniels Distillery has been a part of Lynchburg Tn. since the 1800’s but is located in Moore County which is a dry county. It has been dry since around 1920 when prohibition took place.

While in Lynchburg Tennessee we ate at the Barrelhouse BBQ restaurant and would highly recommend it if you ever visit Lynchburg Tennessee.

Urban hiking in Lynchburg Tennessee was an awesome experience. There is just something exciting doing Urban Exploration in these small southern cities like Lynchburg Tennessee!

Lynchburg Tennessee is located near Nashville and if you’re ever nearby Nashville or Lynchburg Tennessee then it’s a must stop destination. It was way more than expected – seriously!

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