Buc-ee’s – World’s Largest Gas Station?

In this micro-adventure I travel to Buc-ee’s gas station in Leeds, Alabama.

Bucees.com claims that Buc-ee’s Beaver has the Fun Stores and this travel adventure proved that to be true!

Could this be the worlds largest gas station? While I didn’t count all the pumps, it’s rumored that they have 196 gas pumps. It certainly was the largest I’ve ever visited.

Buc-ee’s is a destination within itself. While they are known for many things, it’s their beef brisket sandwich that keeps people coming back for more. Again, it’s a destination within itself.

If you’ve never visited a Buc-ee’s then you just don’t get it. It’s really a cross between a convenience store and a small Cabelas. You can find clothes, Costa sunglasses, deer corn and feeders, tons of beef jerky, fudge and candied nuts.

If you are ever within a 10 mile radius of a Buc-ee’s it’s a no brainier destination! Luckily one is coming to Athen’s, Alabama near where I live. You can bet you’ll find me there on a regular basis!

Click here and join me on this awesome one day micro-adventure!