Solo Hiking Beautiful Stone Cuts Trail!

Today’s adventure takes me solo hiking on beautiful Monte Sano Stone Cuts Trail!

Stone Cuts trial has its own trailhead and begins from the bikers parking lot within the park. The trail begins with a decent decline and rarely levels out one way or another. I would say that this trial is pretty easy to moderate overall. As the name suggests you’ll eventually find yourself hiking through tall rocks and a semi-cave like area – open on both sides. It’s really a beautiful hike and I’d certainly say it’s a must hike if you visit Monte Sano State Park.

Monte Sano State Park is located in Huntsville, Alabama and easy to get to. The park offers a ton of trails for all fitness levels. If you’re ever in Huntsville, Alabama, spend the $5.00 and take and adventure hike in the park! It’s full of mountain streams, waterfalls and big views!

Click here and join me for a beautiful adventure on Monte Sano!