Searching for Dolphins Ep-1 and 2

So I decided to go to Orange Beach for this Micro-Adventure in search of wild dolphins!

Most of our visit would include double red flags which I’d never experienced before. But that’ what long beach walks are for! Weather was pretty good overall but the highlight would be the search for wild dolphins!

We would visit our old acquaintance the Cold Mil Fleet for the search. We opted for the late cruise and did it pay off. We even got to see a mother and baby dolphin.

What was odd was we cruised in the bay that was only 12 feet deep. They use two boat to create an awesome wake and the dolphins love it.

So don’t forget that some micro-adventures can carry you to overnight places while still remaining affordable.

In my short film, Searching for Dolphins, episode 1 you’ll go with us on beach walks and the search for dolphins. You can click here to watch.

In episode 2, I’ll mainly focus on the Dolphins a lot in slow motion! You can click here to watch.