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12 Ways to a More Simplistic Life

In my endless and sometimes failing pursuit of a more simplistic life I ran across 12 Easy Ways to Make LIfe to make life simple again at Marc and Angel Hack Life. While I sometimes just list the Hacks and reference a website, I feel this one is worth the read in it’s entirety. So, …

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Increased Happiness with Less Stuff

Less stuff, be happy!  Check out Graham Hill’s classic TED talk where he gives perhaps the ultimate talk on simple living.  You can be the judge, but either way it’s thought provoking, especially his tiny apartment. This may one of the more interesting 5 minutes of your day!  

70 Plus Ideas to Simplify Your Life/Home Minus 65

Does your life ever seem complicated?  Have you collected so much stuff that you are renting space to store it – or should be?  Is your house so messy that you occasionally find something and say “I didn’t know I still had that.”  Does it seem like every day is getting shorter and shorter because …

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