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One Year Without Buying Anything New?

Have you heard about the new challenge many are accepting?  The challenge to buy nothing new for 365 days?  Believe it or not there are a ton of people who are accepting the challenge and in a weird way actually prospering! While I have an interest in minimalism, decluttering, clean spaces, tiny homes and the …

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A Guide to Living with Less

Wanted to share an article that I recently read at Relevant Magazine.  The focus is on how to eliminate excess and declutter your life.  It’ll end with a clothing challenge that will probably seem foreign to most, and yet interesting! Periodically it seems good to declutter our lives in more areas than just stuff.  But …

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12 Ways to a More Simplistic Life

In my endless and sometimes failing pursuit of a more simplistic life I ran across 12 Easy Ways to Make LIfe to make life simple again at Marc and Angel Hack Life. While I sometimes just list the Hacks and reference a website, I feel this one is worth the read in it’s entirety. So, …

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5 ways to love what you already have

You may and may not agree with this list of 5 ways to love what you have now.  Add to it or take away. But at least think about it!  The original post can be found at buy nothing new for a year. 1.You Don’t Need Something that Doesn’t Benefit Anyone Else 2. You Don’t …

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This may be one if the best designs I’ve seen for simple living on a very short term basis!  You can read more about this awesome portable structure at Ecocapsule.  Enjoy!

16 Simple Living Hacks to Make Life Easier

Looking for some simple living life hacks to make life easier? Here is just one of the 16 I found today… 16. Putting your car alarm remote under your chin increases its range. If you want to discover the other 15, slide over to Buzzfeed.com – complete with pictures!

Shipping Container Homes

A few years ago I began my fascination with the tiny home movement.  People who were choosing to live a very simply with just the possessions that mattered. I’m pretty sure that this was inspired by my love of sailboats and those that chose to live aboard.  I’ve owned a sailboat that you could sleep …

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Increased Happiness with Less Stuff

Less stuff, be happy!  Check out Graham Hill’s classic TED talk where he gives perhaps the ultimate talk on simple living.  You can be the judge, but either way it’s thought provoking, especially his tiny apartment. This may one of the more interesting 5 minutes of your day!  

Life Editing

Life Editing Years ago I ran across a movement called Tiny Houses.  The idea is all about downsizing our homes to the point that we only have what really matters.  The useful stuff and meaningful stuff in life.  While I could care less what size home someone has, the concept seemed very interesting.  As one …

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