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100 Questions – How Can I be Better at Everything?

Everything? Well, I thought it would be worth the time to put in the research. Seriously, who doesn’t want to become better at everything? My original assumption was to believe this in real life isn’t possible. But what if I could find an idea, someone’s hypothesis on how I might get close? The internet was …

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Forces That Drive Productivity

In January of last year, Jack Zenger wrote an article for Forbes Magazine entitled: The 3 Forces That Drive Improved Productivity Those 3 included: The internal motivation and drive of individuals. The performance norms of teams. The organizational dimensions and overall culture of the company. In that short article he magnified each of the 3.  To …

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Experts choose top 3 productivity tools

Over at high performance lifestyle, they ask 61 productivity experts to choose their 3 favorite productivity tools. You can see what they had to say in this VERY informative post.

Why Vacations Make You More Productive!

There is nothing like a great vacation.  Whether it be for a week or weekend.  But what you may not know is that a vacation can actually make you more productive at work.  The Atlantic wrote an article about this some time ago.  If the thought of taking a vacation making you more productive is …

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Best Productivity Hacks of the Year

Here is what Inc.com claims to be the best productivity hacks of the year. But before we get to that list I would like to add my input. First I believe that number 14 could be a stretch, in my opinion – and I like vegetables, love them!  My favorite if I were to pick one …

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Benefits to Waking Up Early

Over at the artofmanliness.com they have a great list of men who were early risers. Statesman Daniel Webster would use his extra time in the morning to answer twenty to thirty of the letters he received from constituents and other politicians. Benjamin Franklin would wake every day at 5AM and would use the time to wash, dress, …

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GTD System

Several years ago in my never ending quest to become more productive I stumbled upon the Getting Things Done system. The system was the brainchild of David Allen and was soon published and can now be purchased at Amazon. If you’re a “to do” list junkie you will love this system. While this system is …

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Eat the Frogs First

Eat the frogs first?  That seems a little harsh.  Compared to what?  Eating the frogs last? This post has nothing to do with literally eating frogs but everything to do with productivity. Especially if your productivity is lacking due to procrastination.  Ever had your to do list fill up with one or two items that …

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