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Starbucks Unveils New Menu!

Have you heard about Starbucks New Menu? Sounds delicious.  Stop reading if you don’t want to hear about pure awesomeness! But, if you’re in to awesomeness, then read more here!

Red Cup Controversy?

After all the hoopla created by Starbucks Red Cup, I thought I might weigh in. As I begin, make no mistake, I like Starbucks! Preferably the candy tasting stuff like a nice “Venti” sized Java Chip – with extra chips of course!  BTW, what’s up with the names of sizes at this place?  More on …

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Starbucks – Forgiveness and Customer Service!

While in Starbucks today catching up on my reading, I witnessed an incredible display of forgiveness and customer service. First, let me explain how I arrived at Starbucks.  I believe it’s important for me to be in the community on a regular basis.  This helps me get a feel of what’s happening in people’s lives …

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3 Places of Eternity

Our new series, What Happens When We Die? begins this Sunday, March 1. What do you think happens when you die?  Ever thought about it or does it creep you out? Many people prefer to skirt any conversations related to death, but I don’t mind tackling the tough conversations. I’m around it more than most …

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