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Sports vs Sunday Morning Part 3

So far you’ve heard varying opinions on Sports vs Sunday Morning.  So it would only be fitting for me to give you my opinion – which may surprise you. You see, nothing floats a minister’s boat more than a packed house on Sunday morning.  So one would think that anything that would come into conflict …

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Sports vs Sunday Morning Part 2

So far in this 3 part series we’ve heard one version of how sports are, or may be, affecting the church on Sunday morning.  Now when I note Sports, that could include competition cheer, competition dance, swim,  and any other regularly scheduled sport that takes place regularly on Sundays. So now I want to offer …

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Sports vs. Sunday Morning Part 1

Let me begin with a little history.  I grew up playing sports.  Football, baseball, basketball and softball were all familiar to me.  But, I must admit that none were EVER scheduled on Sunday.  In fact, not much of anything was scheduled that would be in conflict with the church on Sunday morning. A lot of …

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