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Spiritual Formation Part Eight – Meditation

Meditation often gets a bad rap! Why? I believe that many associate it with other religions and never realize that Christian meditation has been around for ages. And may be the one Spiritual Discipline that changes your life! To quote Nathan Foster (The Making of an Ordinary Saint), “The main distinction of Christian meditation is …

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Friendship 50 Part 1

On September 13, 2015, Friendship UMC will be celebrating 50 years of impacting the community of Athens, AL. While technically Friendship UMC will turn 50 before that date, that will be the day we officially celebrate 50 years. We are currently in the planning phase and what has already been determined is awesome.  In the …

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Everything You Need to Know about ISIS in 2 minutes!

ISIS is no longer just a terrorist group.  They now operate as a full fledged government with the capability to occupy cities.  Everything you need to know about ISIS, according to CNN can be found in this two minute video.