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Overcoming Generational Poverty Part 4

Overcoming generational poverty at first glance can leave you wondering what difference could you possibly make. Right?  I mean, it is called “generational” after all.  And that may be why it’s been so hard to overcome.  A lot of people like quick fixes and this problem isn’t going to end in a quick fix.  Overcoming …

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Welfare Mom and Poverty

Once heard about the difficulty of single parents clawing their way out of poverty. The link at the end of this short post echoes that story.   Many ARE trying to do better but the system doesn’t always offer realistic solutions. You can read about all this at Yahoo Parenting.

Overcoming Generational Poverty Part 2

As I continue our series on overcoming generational poverty it has become quite clear that there are multiple types of poverty. Knowing the different types may help us wrap our head around how it actually happens and how to combat it.  So the following is from a blog written by NATASHA QUINONEZ. Types of Poverty There …

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