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10 Things Men Want From Their Wives

Most know that men and women are wired differently! It’s unfair to hope the other will just guess what you’re thinking or wanting. So, in this post I thought I’d take the guesswork out of things when it comes to what your man may be thinking and wanting from you but is not telling you. …

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12 Habits for a Healthier Marriage

While we may not want to admit it but marriage is work. If you want a healthy marriage. You need to be continually working on your relationship to make it better. Otherwise you may begin to take one another for granted. Something that I have found to work to help keep my marriage healthy is …

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10 Tips for Becoming a Better Husband

While I’m always encouraging husbands to step it up, this list is really, really good.  But before you check it out, note that number 6 will get you a lot of points but will go against your nature men!  If you want to become a better husband try a few off this awesome list!

20 Things We Learned to Stay Married for 20 Years

I follow Tony Morgan on Twitter.  He recently wrote a post about 20 things he learned to stay married for 20 years.  Check out his list and see how you do – of course your milage may vary but I thought it was pretty good. I found number 3 and number 19 to be of …

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