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What Would Jesus Have to Do?

What would Jesus have to do/prove, for you to reclaim Sunday worship on a consistent basis? Be Baptized? Done! Resist temptation in the desert? Done! Convince 12 men who didn’t know him to follow him? Done! Preach a moving sermon from a mount? Done! Heal a leper? Done! Heal a Roman officer’s son? Done! Heal a …

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Seriously, let’s talk about death! (Spoiler Alert)

Talk about death?  YUCK!  Who wants to do that? I’m afraid that’s the point.  Nobody does, and when it invades our lives we don’t know how to handle it. So on March 1, we’ll start the delicate conversation that IS going to collide with our lives in at least 2 ways.  First, everyone will eventually …

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