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How to get what you want!

Get what you want by asking the right questions! A few years ago I was introduced to a book entitled QBQ – The Question Behind the Question – Practicing Personal Accountability at Work and in Life. Reading through the short book revealed something that I’ve long believed.  If you want to get what you want, …

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Not Cool?

Not cool to miss the last part of our One Month to Live series this Sunday! Learn the 4 pieces to a Passion filled life Learn how to turn your mundane routines (job) into something worth talking about Learn one man’s fate as he faces one month to live As an added bonus we’ll hear …

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Living the Abundant Life with No Regrets

The one month to live series continued at the church I attend.  This week the message started with an awesome video of a professional skim boarder ripping a few waves!  When all was said and done we were encouraged to finish our life strong by leaving a legacy. Kerry Shook was quoted noting that there …

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Increased Happiness with Less Stuff

Less stuff, be happy!  Check out Graham Hill’s classic TED talk where he gives perhaps the ultimate talk on simple living.  You can be the judge, but either way it’s thought provoking, especially his tiny apartment. This may one of the more interesting 5 minutes of your day!  

Eat the Frogs First

Eat the frogs first?  That seems a little harsh.  Compared to what?  Eating the frogs last? This post has nothing to do with literally eating frogs but everything to do with productivity. Especially if your productivity is lacking due to procrastination.  Ever had your to do list fill up with one or two items that …

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10 Qualities of a Great Leader

While everyone has their take on the qualities of a great leader, I recently found an article at Forbes Magazine’s website that laid out 10 qualities of a great leader.  Of course you could argue some points of this article.  You could add to the list.  You could take away. I think the list is …

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Finding Best Online Pricing

While surfing the net trying to figure out if Amazon Prime is worth it (remember my previous life experiment of cancelling my cable TV) , I ran across a great article by Clark Howard.  Now if you’ve never heard of Clark Howard then you’re missing out!  He’s been branded a tightwad but you can decide …

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Airshow Anyone?

This was an interesting life experiment that started in high school.  I’ll write about it in another post. Long story short, I found myself with a private pilot license right out of high school – yep the real deal.  Official and everything! The airport that I ran on weekends in college – scary thought right, …

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Most Productive 20 Minutes in Your Week

Here is productivity tool that I was taught that I continue to find worthwhile. The most productive 20 minutes in my week is the 20 minutes I spend planning my week on Sunday night. Simple as that.  When I take that time and plan my entire week – those parts that can be scheduled, it …

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3 Ways to Learn Humbly?

Well, went to church today to hear about living a no regrets life.  Why not go, I mean who doesn’t want to live with no regrets – right!  I mean, even if you’re not totally into this Jesus,church and religious thing, who doesn’t want to live with no regrets? Why not go?  Well it was …

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