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Become a Better Parent – Right Now!

Well, it’s that time of year again – time for the kids to go back to school. This can be avery stressful time as a parent. So to help alleviate this concern I found 19 ways to become a better parent right now!  Now if you are already a superstar parent and have it all …

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Pokemon Go Explained!

Surely you’ve heard about Pokemon Go by now.  Yes it’s only a few days old yet it’s all the rage apparently.  But do you know anything about it? Neither did I until…  Until I heard this podcast explaining it all in less time than you can say Pokemon Go!  If you’re interested then you can …

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10 Tips for Becoming a Better Husband

While I’m always encouraging husbands to step it up, this list is really, really good.  But before you check it out, note that number 6 will get you a lot of points but will go against your nature men!  If you want to become a better husband try a few off this awesome list!

Remembering Eric

As I was in my car today I heard on the radio that some of the slain Dallas police officers were being laid to rest.  As I heard of the long processionals of people who’d come to show their support i drifted back in time… The time was December, 2007, in Hazel Green Alabama.  Normally …

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3 Ways to Make Fried Oreos at Home

Was reminiscing about the state fair of my childhood and how the midway food has changed – for the better!  Seems like everything is fried these days.  The first time I tried fried Oreos, it was instant love!  So today I wondered how easy it would be to do this at home.  Searching the internet …

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15 Things You Can Do to Strengthen Your Marriage

If you have been married for a while it can become easy to fall into a rut.  Before you know it you could even start to take each other for granted.  In order to keep that from happening you might try these 15 things you can do to strengthen your marriage.  You can find all …

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6 Life Hacks for Husbands

Husbands are you looking for new ways to show your love to your awesome wife? Maybe this article will help you out. 6 Life Hacks for Husbands!

Starbucks Unveils New Menu!

Have you heard about Starbucks New Menu? Sounds delicious.  Stop reading if you don’t want to hear about pure awesomeness! But, if you’re in to awesomeness, then read more here!

Becoming an Awesome(er) Husband

The argument continues over the percentages of marriages that end in divorce.  Some say that it’s dropping but it may be due to more people skipping the commitment of marriage and going with a live in option. It’s my belief that if one marriage ends in divorce that could’ve been saved then that’s one too …

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20 Things We Learned to Stay Married for 20 Years

I follow Tony Morgan on Twitter.  He recently wrote a post about 20 things he learned to stay married for 20 years.  Check out his list and see how you do – of course your milage may vary but I thought it was pretty good. I found number 3 and number 19 to be of …

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