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Multitasking is Out and Focus is In

Want to become a better time manager?  Want to become more productive?  Want to be the boss of your day?  If you do then quit multitasking and start focusing.  Just read a great article that suggests that multitasking is out and focus is in. Here are a few highlights:  I encourage you to underestimate what …

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10 Tips for Better Time Management

You’re at work and it’s about time to go home.  Unfortunately you realize that you’re just about to get to YOUR to-do list.  You suddenly realize that time has gotten away and you spent the majority of your day putting out other people’s fires. Its happened to all of us, and will continue unless we …

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Dance Party Monday!

Recently read that someone said Mondays were like stepping on a Leggo – not very pleasant! But I believe Mondays are awesome!  Mondays set the tone for the rest of the week. Mondays are all about attitude, and who controls that?  You do! So I can’t think of a better way to start a Monday …

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Atlas Robot Could Be a Game Changer

Is the new google robot a game changer?  Is it creepy?  Regardless, my first impression was this thing is amazing!  Contemplate for yourself after watching the Boston Dynamics’ new Atlas.

4 Ideas to Manage Email Better

How is your Email looking these days?  If you’re like most it’s a mess.  Sort it by date and see how many you still have taking up residence since 2015.  Come on people it’s 2016! According to an article, Email can be a great tool,  “But when used inappropriately, email can hinder productivity. More …

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6 Ways to Make Monday the Best Day EVER!

Why do Mondays get such a  bad rap?  It’s one of my favorite days of the week! Yup, I’m that guy you hate that seems to always be  in a good mood on Monday. That guy that’s singing “It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood” all through the halls. Followed by a dance party in …

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5 Stress Busting Tips

We’ve all heard that stress is a killer.  We all know we have it.  Most of us know the situations that we put ourselves in that create it. So what’s one to do? The American Institute of Stress suggests these 5 stress busting tips: Here are 5 tips to help you take back your control …

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Why People Hate Mondays

Let’s face it, many people HATE Mondays!  But, I’m not one of them but you may be. So I tried to find something with you in mind.  After a little research I found just the right article or you over at! Here’s a synopsis of their findings: “The most common thing employees all around …

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Forces That Drive Productivity

In January of last year, Jack Zenger wrote an article for Forbes Magazine entitled: The 3 Forces That Drive Improved Productivity Those 3 included: The internal motivation and drive of individuals. The performance norms of teams. The organizational dimensions and overall culture of the company. In that short article he magnified each of the 3.  To …

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Scheduling vs Lists

For the longest time I have been a proponent of “To Do Lists” to generate the best productivity of my day. Recently I have been convinced that there is a better way to be more productive each day than generating a “To Do List” each morning. My new way has become scheduling.  It’s become a …

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