Men Eating Meat – Cross Generational Gathering…

Men Eating Meat – a Cross-Generational Gathering of Friendship Church men was a huge blowout!  I wanted to create a fun atmosphere for men to gather and just talk.  No agenda, and certainly no hidden agenda! When I first conceived the idea, I was hoping for maybe 20 men that might be interested. At the close of registration, we had reached the restaurant’s limit of 65 and couldn’t accept anyone else!  It truly was a cross-generational gathering of men! One person had the family tree – son in law, grandsons, two great-grandsons and the boyfriend of his granddaughter! Fathers and sons and friends of friends and friends of sons, grandfathers, single men, and married men – you get it!

The meat and conversation was fantastic. We had loaded pork potatoes to ribs and everything in-between. The conversations varied from boats, cars, baseball, and football. Surprise, surprise – right!

I started things off thanking them for being at the first and last gathering of Men Eating Meat. But surprised them with “this isn’t the last meeting of our Cross Generational Gathering of Friendship Men and their male friends.”  There will be more to come, so keep on the lookout for the next gathering.

As one could expect, I received a lot of suggestions of other possibilities for our gatherings! From Bowling, a Chili Cook-Off for bragging rights, Barbour Motorsports Park in Birmingham, that just happens to have a Bass Pro Shop next door, to many other suggestions!

It’s always awesome to create fun atmospheres for men to come together in a healthy way and just be men!  It’s also a lot of fun learning from those older and younger than us. To hear great stories and laugh a lot. To eat with our hands and talk with our mouth’s full! To have BBQ sauce on our face – on purpose, and feel comfortable with it knowing no one is going to ask us to wipe it off!

From where I sat, all had a great time!

Until next time when men gather…