The One Thing…And Sunday?

Over the last several months I’ve been studying the productivity concept of “multitasking”.  After reading “Deep Work” and “The One Thing”, I have reinforced my belief that multitasking actually hurts productivity.

These books actually land on a concept called “Block Timing”. In essence, you are more productive when you block off periods of time and remain focused on one thing. Cut off social media (there is actually software that you can use to block you from social media for a block of time – no chance of being interrupted.) Shut off all Email etc… Refuse to be distracted until you get your one thing done.

In “The One Thing” it suggests that you always center on this focus question:

“What’s the ONE THING you can do, such that by doing it, everything else will be easier or unnecessary?”

As I read books like this I’m reminded of the spiritual applications and ramifications when we transfer these principals to our spiritual lives.

in this instance I wonder what would happen if as Christians we made Sunday Worship our “One Thing” each week. What if we decided to block off that day to “Remember the Sabbath?” To not allow any distractions. To rest, and renew our minds and bodies? To quit multitasking.  What would the church look like filled with singing and praising God. What would our relationships begin to look like? How about our communities? How about ourselves?

Have we forgotten that remembering the Sabbath is one of the top 10? 10 Commandments that is.  It’s the only one that begins with “Remember.”  Could it be that God knew that we’d forget?  Could it  be that  God knew the renewing power of that day to renew our mind, body and spirit?

That commandment mentions Sabbath.  For Christians that has become Sunday. But if you work on Sundays, even as pastors we do that, find another day  to rest and renew. Attend an alternate night of worship as so  many churches offer.

I’m afraid that most of our Sundays are spent multitasking – working, sports, cleaning, grocery shopping, and maybe worship…

I hope that you’ll consider making Sunday a day of worship at your church.  That you might block off that day from distractions to find rest and renewal.  It will make a difference or it wouldn’t be one of  the top 10!

Remember the Sabbath…