What Would Jesus Have to Do?

What would Jesus have to do/prove, for you to reclaim Sunday worship on a consistent basis?

  • Be Baptized? Done!
  • Resist temptation in the desert? Done!
  • Convince 12 men who didn’t know him to follow him? Done!
  • Preach a moving sermon from a mount? Done!
  • Heal a leper? Done!
  • Heal a Roman officer’s son? Done!
  • Heal a sick woman and others? Done!
  • Calm a storm? Done!
  • Give sight to the blind? Done!
  • Remove sickness? Done!
  • Help the lame to walk again? Done!
  • Turn water into wine? Done!
  • Raise people from the dead? Done!
  • Love you unconditionally? Done!
  • Be crucified? Done!

Seriously, what would it take for you to take back Sunday worship on a consistent basis?

What if Jesus was willing to die for you? Oh yeah, done!

So, fill in the blank…. I would give Jesus my Sunday worship consistently if he would only ______________.

Reclaim the Sabbath, Jesus has already done everything possible for you.

Now it’s time to reclaim the Sabbath and worship him for all He’s ALREADY done for YOU!

You got this! You can do it! You can do it this Sunday and start doing it consistently.

One day He’ll thank you for it! ­čÖé