The Power of Affirmation

You’ve probably never heard name Scott Adams, but you probably know his cartoon – Dilbert!  I like to read about successful people and I would say that Scott fits that description however you might want to define it.

I recently read where he had a lady suggest to him to try this thing called affirmations. He said it worked liked this, “All you do is pick a goal and you write it down like 15  times a day in some specific sentence form, like ‘I, Scott Adams, will become an astronaut;’ for example. And do that every day. Then it seems like the universe just starts spitting out opportunities. You’ll think it’s all coincidences but they will keep popping up.”

Adam decided to give it a try, what do you have to lose? Right? His first affirmation was to become a number one best selling author – before he’d ever written a book or ever taken a class in writing – The Dilbert Principle became that number one best selling book!

Before you dismiss the power of affirmation, there’s no science behind it, let me tell you my own story with the power of affirmation.

Since I can remember, after becoming a Christian, I have had a love of people. One of the ways I showed that love in a hurting world was/is to encourage people to visit and get involved in a church. Many people never make the connection that introducing someone to Christ through a simple invitation to church is an act of supreme love.

Here is where the power of affirmation collided with my love of people. One day long ago my wife and I decided to begin each day holding hands with our daughters and having prayer before school. Julie and I have kept that tradition to this day long after our girls have left the house.

But, several years ago we decided to do what Scott Adams suggests even without knowing we were doing it. Heck, I’d never heard the name Scott Adams until last week. During our morning prayer time as we hold hands, we pray that God will place opportunities to invite someone to church today. Then we usually follow that up with give us the wisdom to recognize it when it happens. This is very similar to what Scott Adams is talking about. It’s an affirmation of sorts. I will invite someone to church today.

Once we started praying this daily, it seemed like opportunities just started popping up all over the place, at Wal-Mart, restaurants, community events, ballgames, etc…

It’s become a very powerful experience and many people have been our guests because of those prayers.

There is really nothing quite like inviting someone to church and see them actually come.  When is the last time you had a guest come to church? When is the last time you extended an invitation? When is the last time you prayed that God would place someone in your path to offer an invitation to? When is the last time you prayed that God would help you recognize those opportunities?

I want to encourage you to start praying that prayer today and everyday for the rest of your life. The world could become a better place if you do.

The power of affirmation!