Man Challenge – Part 1

d-johnsonIt’s been my experience that many men aren’t really interested in church.  Of course your milage may vary.  I think that it’s partially due to what the church has done to them over the years on Father’s Day, which is beat them down for being worthless fathers.  This seems to be in sharp contrast to Mother’s Day, where we get all mushy eyed about how great mothers are!  Another concern is how some men are portrayed on television. Many sitcoms portray men as absent minded goobs – Joey on Friends for instance, comes to mind.

Men deserve a better experience when it comes to the church.  Most of the men that I know in church are stand up guys.  They enjoy masculine stuff. They’ve served in the military. They enjoy fast cars. They love football. They ride motorcycles. They enjoy fishing, hunting and a host of other manly activities. As men in the church we need to get the word out that at Friendship we’re not beating men down.  We’re challenging them to step up and be the best they can be. But not in a condescending way.  You see most men like a challenge when done with respect…

So men here is your first Man Challenge:

  1.  Whenever you attend church be sure to shake as many men’s hands as you can!

Many men are dragged to church the first time by their wives.  All us men were once that first time guest, not knowing how things would end before the service was over. Our suspicion and skepticism said it wasn’t going to end well for us. So a good firm handshake from another man will go a long way to say welcome to a first time male guest.